POLL: Stained Glass - Love it or Leave it?

Emily H
18 April, 2014
Do you love the look of stained glass and have or want it in your own home? Are you not a fan of it at all and cringe a little every time you see some? Tell us!

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Comments (97)

  • Sasha Retana
    Yes but not in a churchy window. Sitting on the toilet then might feel like blasphemy...
  • kmhcreations
    Sasha - Hadn't thought of that! Fortunately, the toilet has its own little room, & only merited a top-down-bottom-up shade.
  • rosecottagehome
    lepstein I put a stained glass piece in both bathroom windows, we also live in the country. My late mother made both. The one up high in the small window is in a shower. I still need to get a pull up shade for the big window......don't want to frighten the deer now. I use them mostly for enjoyment and ambiance.
  • Bill Yockey
    I cringed at the "lead/stained glass" front doors--for the most part they look so cheap, when compare to a vintage stained glass door.
  • PRO
    Design Tech Artglass
    Hi Bill, Totally agree,the reason they look cheap is because they are.Most of these leaded
    and stained glass inserts in production doors are generic in design,cheap materials and mass produced in oversea's factories.The fast food of stained glass.They are not the real deal but have become just another product,with a much shorter lifespan and for the most part very basic designs.Vintage
    windows and contemporary work done by qualified artists and studio's,with original designs,custom beveling and quality glass choices are a whole different ball game.They are timeless,elegant and appropriate for the space when designed correctly.That has always been my focus as an established artglass studio.Attached is a photo of one of
    my signature entries for a Street of Dreams home
  • PRO
    Urban Elements Interior Space
    I'm sorry but it feels like a church.
  • fos5
    Guess we have exhausted this thread. Have no more to say. Thanks for reading.
  • rosecottagehome
    Ahhh Design Tech Artglass........if only I had the money to buy your gorgeous doors. They are art, and I mean that sincerely. Alas, I have a new " fast food" beveled glass door, which I so enjoy when the sun catches it and it gives me light and privacy and was in my budget. I even purchased the upgraded model. I feel no shame and it will likely stay on the front of my home until I end up in the ground before it.
  • PRO
    Design Tech Artglass
    rosecottagehome ,I actually agree with you and I think we all benefit in this day and age from products, whether they be a mass produced item or something custom made that
    fits the niche and needs and budget of the end user.In any construction,remodeling or interior re- design process most of us are limited by design and budget constraints and
    try to make the best choices with what we have to work with.I'm glad there are production
    doors ,cabinets,etc that give consumers options within whatever budget range they are
    working with.We would be in a world of hurt if those options did not exist.There are many
    fine choices in doors and it sounds like you made the right choice for your situation.My comments were of a general discussion nature and of course there are exceptions.One of the advantages of custom work and dealing with local trades people is that if something goes wrong years down the road they are there to service the product.In general terms,
    and yes there are exceptions when decorative glass in the production doors gets broken,
    a failed insulated glass unit or vandalized most glass companies will not go near them.
    you end up having to replace the entire door.The OP's arch window has obviously held
    up over a 60 year period and is being re purposed in that bathroom,if a piece gets broke
    the window can be taken to a local stained glass shop and repaired,the same with most custom work.Stained and leaded glass done correctly is a repairable item that has a 75
    to 100 year lifespan.I think that is a good thing ! Good points on all sides in this thread.
    It's all about increasing awareness and food for thought.
  • rosecottagehome
    Design Tech Artglass, appreciate your more delicate response, well said. Your glass doors are beautiful and I wish they were in my budget. I wish you well.
  • J Petempich
    I deleted my comments because you are right. Keep it in your budget and there are many really nice doors and windows out there that are factory made if you like the look of glass. Some people think of glass as an art item like an oil painting or water color. It ends up more of a discussion of a passion rather than just a nice looking window or door. I guess I am guilty of that.
  • gracey999
    Well, the stained glass that you show would make me feel like I should pray while in the bathroom and all my sins come to the forefront :) but some of the other stained glass pics on here are gorgeous and so I would have to change my mind...I should have selected keep it - or install it!
  • eewalker
    My first thought was it reminded me of a baptismal pool. I would feel I needed to wear a robe to take a bath. But it means what it means to the homeowner and that is all that really matters not other's opinions including my own. :)
  • PRO
    Inside The Box Design
    I like that in both the selections/style were meaningful to the it should be. They both nicely suit the space, so its more about we preferred style...not the skill of execution
  • wildphire
    I love stained glass but I love the non stained glass picture over the stained glass one.
  • hodg1ali
    Absolutely beautiful! I love lead light and stained glass! Have even crafted some pieces myself! Just rip out the bathtub and change the use of the room!
  • kwyan01
    Love stained glass in the home! When done properly, it works with traditional to modern decor. If anyone is looking for unique one of a kind works of art, contact Bob at Schmidt Stained Glass in Delray Beach, Florida. He's been doing glasswork as a profession for 37 years. Check out his Facebook page: Schmidt Stained Glass. He offers classes too!
  • Susan
    I love stained glass. We don't have any windows, but I have three craftsman Tiffany lamps, several Tiffany-style lamps, and stained glass art pieces. I love the way it captures the light. I am attaching a picture of one of my favorite coffee shops in Kohler, Wisconsin at the American Club. The photo doesn't do it justice, as it is so beautiful on a sunny day.
  • littlemissk
    If I had a beautiful view of pine trees like the one featured here, I'd rather see it. If I didn't, then I'd happily have the stained glass.
  • PRO
    JN Design LLC
    It just depends. Love the vintage stained glass in older Arts & Crafts, Craftsman style homes. Of the examples given, I preferred the clear glass. The stained glass window with its Gothic style would be beautiful in a chapel or small church.
  • kmhcreations
    Susan McFarlane: Thanks for posting the coffee shop -- if I lived in the area, that would be my go-to place.
  • PRO
  • Susan
    kmhcreations: I thought of that little coffee shop immediately. I now live in Washington state, but I highly recommend Kohler as a destination stop if you visit Wisconsin. The American Club is stunning and features several wonderful restaurants and pubs. The coffee shop is in the courtyard of this beautiful hotel. The courtyard is a beautiful garden. The area boast the stunning Kohler showroom and museum, and The Wood Lake Shops. Five miles east is Lake Michigan for sun and surf and the shops on the river in Sheboygan. Always a favorite place to go when I lived in Green Bay.
  • PRO
    Cast Glass Images Inc.
    Cast Glass (or slumped glass as some refer to it) is the "modern stained glass". You can fuse color, paint color or bond jewels, metals or other accents over the finished surface of cast glass for that creative, colorful finish you want. Difference is, cast glass has more depth and texture and it's produced in a completely different way. Definitely depends on client preference and overall space style.
  • Susan
    Not crazy about the one over the fireplace, as I love the fireplace. However, it does go very nicely with the décor of the room. I LOVE the other piece.
  • PRO
    Vanessa Tong Fine Arts and Creative Writer
    The only place I want to see stained glass is in church.
  • hollielambrose
    Hollie Ambrose
    Stained glass panels can look at home suspended in the center of a long vertical window -when they are custom made for the space and decor.
  • chookchook2
    We like medieval and we like stained glass.
  • PRO
    Thos. Baker
    Love them in a simple, minimalist design, using little to no color and only for retaining privacy. I would even want to remove the curly cues on these windows. I boring of me!

    Christi, on behalf of Thos. Baker
  • bungalowmo
    I'd love to have stained glass panels in my front door & sidelights, but....$$ :0(
    So I cheaped it & went to Lowes. It'll do for now.
  • Susan
    All my lamps are craftsman style. My art piece is an interpretation of the inside of a shell by an artist from the San Juan Islands.
  • bigredkate
    Leadlight is not technically difficult to do, but unless they have come up with an alternative to the black putty I used it does make a mess of your hands. I made some beautiful pieces many years ago. One day I will revisit that interest. I won't ever repeat the mistake of wiping my spectacles on my shirt while cutting glass - the swirly scratches put paid to that pair.
  • granny4five
    Love my stained glass window in my dining room.
  • Kat Cheng
    The leaded glass front doors are my favorite thing about our house. We have other windows with the same design elsewhere in the house. They were done by a local glass artist. I do like the use of colorful stained glass, as long as it's well made and the aesthetic is pleasing. But clear seems to be a better choice for contemporary style.
  • PRO
    Interior Affairs -- Vickie Daeley
    I never do stained glass as I feel it dates the house. I do leaded glass designs this way the windows become a neutral piece of art!
  • PRO
    Mark Levy Studio


    I'm so glad you like your stained glass window. We have received many positive comments on it since we made it. You can see it on my website...

    Thank you for your comment!!



  • chookchook2

    I think our world is getting more crowded with people. Where houses are cheek by jowl with their neighbours, and the view is of a fence plus their bathroom window, stained glass is the perfect solution.

  • Bev

    I have loved stained glass ever since I saw it for the first time in church (I can't recall how small or young I was)!

  • PRO
    The Hyland Studio

    We are obviously huge fans of stained glass!

  • Y S

    Never in my home but then have stained glass doors from the previous owners... and don't know what to do with them unless I change my doors... it just never matches with the style I like. I like stained glass in church or places where they look pretty but NEVER in my house.

  • tooky58

    My parents entry way has an art Deco pineapple wallpaper in silver and hot pink. Years ago a good family friend made a matching stained glass window for it. When it's time I'm taking that window with me. No dollar amount can touch the true value of this window.

  • Belahn

    I love stained glass but not the church looking kind. I do not like the one in your photo but I have a beautiful fleur de lis that I got in New Orleans.

  • minjeeah
    I love it!
  • PRO
    Gerety Building and Restoration

    I would enjoy some stained glass in a very limited amount. For example, in the picture's above, I think it works nicely in that one bathroom window. However, I certainly wouldn't want it anywhere near my living room or kitchen.

  • PRO
    Cameron's Design

    Love it! I feel that it lends a classic touch to any home.

  • add50317
    Entertainment center doors
    Lighted sign for man cave

    Coffee table

    Commemorative piece
    OK, this is a window, and in a church but definitely more modern, and not really the churchy feel at all.... A LOT can be done with glass!

  • Lisa Williams

    @add50317 That last one does have a "church vibe", IMHO :)

    Growing up going to Catholic church, I have a VERY strong connection with church and stained it doesn't appeal to me much at all for a home.

    I can appreciate the art, but it's just not my taste for my house. If it were simply one of the more modern designs, such as the one below, perhaps...

    Custom art glass for bathroom · More Info

  • PRO
    James McNeal Architecture and Design

    Love it if its done right. Fitting with the style of the home and the rest of the design. Not if its gaudy or tacky.

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