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Press Releases
Houzz Announces Best Of Houzz 2021 Winners
27 January 2021
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Houzz Launches Houzz Pro Business Management Software
8 September 2020
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Houzz Announces Best Of Houzz 2020 Winners
12 February 2020
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Houzz Announces Best Of Houzz 2018 Winners
17 January 2018
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Houzz Announces Best Of Houzz 2017 Winners
18 January 2017
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  • Adi Tatarko, CEO
  • Alon Cohen, President
Board of Directors
  • Adi Tatarko
  • Alon Cohen
  • Oren Zeev, Founder, Zeev Ventures
  • Alfred Lin, Partner, Sequoia Capital
  • Saori Casey, VP Finance, Apple
  • Alex Chriss, EVP and GM, Intuit
Pronouncing Houzz
  • The "Hou" in Houzz is pronounced "How". Houzz is a combination of the words "House" and "Buzz"
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