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L Dupont

@deborah eade - apologies for confusion (and all the typos!) by skeptic i meant re the benefits of being ’connected’ all the time given as you mentioned the hacking risks (Which? reviews support your views on this!) and fact that most of the systems are poorly designed from a hacking perspective and even if they arent, they need constant updating and ‘patches’ - when most are only supported for circa 2yrs! I expect my washing machines etc to last eg 20yrs so theres a mismatch there.

By ’big brother’ I dont mean the state so much as big commercial companies profiting from data obtained from recording everything about their customers. Have mixed feelings about that.

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deborah eade

@ L Dupont, it has been said that by using social media, buying stuff online, etc we are effectively invading own privacy, and allowing others to do so as well! My children (late 20s) and their contemporaries have long stayed away from social media or use it exclusively for professional purposes – can't see them hankering for these gadgets.

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Slow cooker is maybe an easier/safer option as you can throw meat and veg into it, leave it for up to 8 or 9 hours depending on the contents and dinner is ready when you arrive home, but without the food poisoning? They are cheap to buy and run too.

That's the only way I've managed to make dinner while I'm out for the day.

I also totally get that some families just don't have time to prep a meal while doing the crazy school and work run though.

What are these hackers going to do with the app? Cook my dinner for me....I'm looking for a downside now to this. Hopefully they'll break in and wash up afterwards too.

We have Alexa but like everyone here says, she always tells you it's not working or 'that device is not recognised' or some other claptrap!


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