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Sam K

Great article. Much of the advice was echoed by our kitchen designer who we hired to plan and install our kitchen. This was part of a two storey renovation which took 8 months to complete. We used the same designer in our last house and also recommended her to Family and friends. The benefits were her input prior to starting the build. She liaised with our architect, builder, electrician, tiler etc and provided detailed plans to ensure that the installation went smoothly. Plan this room well in advance from the appliances to the finishes. The more decisions you can get under your belt now the less overwhelmed you will feel once other decisions need to be made. Our designer encouraged us to be brave with our cabinet choices and step out of our comfort zone. They also look at aesthetics of how the area is viewed from lounge, dining area in an open plan setting. In some instances push catch doors work better than handle rails to give a seamless effect. Definitely worth their weight in gold.

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Any advice on finding an independent kitchen designer? When I’ve searched on here they all tend to be linked to kitchen furniture or installation firms rather than giving independent advice that keeps your options open on suppliers.

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Janet Rolland

hi am looking for an architectural drawings


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