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Susan Witt

You've talked about changing the colour of the linear LED in the garden picture but not dimming it. I've been told I can't dim linear lights so is that why?

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Interesting article - thanks for sharing.
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Brilliant Lighting

Thank you happydays28. Glad you enjoyed it.

Susan, you can dim linear LED fittings but if you try to dim them conventionally you will most likely encounter problems. The best way to dim them is to use 0-10V or DALI dimming and to use a lighting control system. Precise control of LED is one of the principal reasons for specifying lighting control.

If that sounds like Double Dutch then have a look at this reference guide - we produced it as a primer for people choosing, specifying and designing with LED lighting. If you would like to know more then please give us a ring or drop us a line here.

Apologies to Elite Metalcraft Co Ltd. An editorial mix up on photos means the caption under your picture was actually written for another picture. It's a lovely staircase but I don't know how the lighting was actually done on the picture shown; the caption was for this staircase detail from one of our own projects.

Contemporary New Build Home - South Yorkshire · More Info


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