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Julian Cheese

Hi Tom, I, like Caroline, line terracotta pots by using a very slightly smaller plastic pot inside it. Once the plants grow out they usually hide the liner. This cuts down a bit on watering and conversely helps drainage as the inner pot isn’t in contact with the ground which can plug the drainage holes over time (we have clay soil here). If the pot is a special shape eg narrow at the top etc it means you can get the plant out easily in the future.
Most shade loving plants have glossy dark green leaves. So worth starting with anything you like that looks like that. To Claudia’s list I would add; most ferns (including small tree ferns), hostas, ivy varieties and for ground cover pachysandra. All of these do well in containers.

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Lizanne Shepherd

Loved the tip on bold symmetry. We’ve just had decking laid outside our patio doors and this draws the eye across it to 2 cherry trees separated by a boring, blank fence. The tall bold planters will be the ideal solution to fill that view.

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Claudia De Yong Garden Design

Great to read the ideas once these articles are published _ gardening is all about sharing our experiences and I try to give a few ideas to help along the journey

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