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David Webster

I'm surprised that this feature doesn't consider the energy consumption of appliances or the merits of smart appliances.

With ever increasing electricity costs, it makes sense to choose the most efficient kitchen appliances, particularly for tumble driers and washing machines but also fridges and freezers. In particular tumble driers that have internal heat pumps use significantly less energy but at somewhat higher price points.

Smart appliances do have benefits, including:

The ability to conveniently manage and control them from an app on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere

Provide you with notifications, such as cooking or cleaning has ended, and maintenance alerts such as low washing detergent levels, filter changes etc.

Allow you to monitor their energy consumption and manage their usage based on lower cost time-of-day tariffs.

Integration with voice assistants for convenient control when your hands are busy or dirty.

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Great article:)

where can hob hob in 6th photo be purchased from please ,

thank you !

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David Crossman

Regarding future repairs, check reviews on manufacturer's response times. You do not want to be waiting weeks for your oven or hob to be repaired.


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