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deborah eade

Alison, we always dry the washing outside when it's not raining or snowing, but if it is just a hard frost it makes the bed linen feel smoother. For the last five years I've been making my own washing soap (savon de Marseille), which is easy and cheap, and no artificial perfumes or chemicals to worry about. If I dry washing indoors, I keep a window ajar in the utility room.. I've never had nor wanted a tumble dryer!

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Alison Nicholson

There’s great satisfaction in hanging out washing, for me, even though it’s the machine that’s done the hard work. 😉

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Sue S

Love to put my washing outside to dry whenever I can. Like KB, we have a dehumidifier, bought originally for my mother's damp bungalow, When it rains, the washing goes on racks in the spare bedroom, with the dehumidifier on for 2-3 hours, and it dries very well. Have not investigated running costs, I must admit. I also have a tumble dryer, from when there were six of us in the house, but hardly ever use it.


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