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Lacy-Hulbert Interiors Ltd
Yes, this article definitely resonates with what I hear from customers. I have also been told that once the kitchen has become the heart of the home, families spend more time together and not in their rooms.
I don't think it's about the size, it's more about how the new kitchen has a chance to be gathered around your life style and values, rather than you having to fit in around an inherited kitchen from the previous home owners. Once you get it right, it will inspire many healthy and fulfilling activities. Great article!
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Richmond Oak Conservatories Ltd

When I renovated my kitchen at home, using both upcycled and new products, it instantly added priceless value to our daily family life. We knocked down the hall wall to open plan with the kitchen creating more room for the family to spend quality time together. My wife and I love cooking and the kids enjoy getting involved as well, something not possible in the past when restricted by space. We often find when friends are round for lunch or dinner that there's no need to leave the kitchen; music and vino included of course. Heart of the home as they say!

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Richmond Oak Conservatories Ltd

Two-thirds of our projects involve clients having a new kitchen designed so that it extends into an oak orangery, therefore creating a bright & airy open plan kitchen/dining area.

North London Oak Orangery Kitchen Extension · More Info

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