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Kerridwen, I agree with you - though the right shade of grey can look a lot less bleak than white here in Northern Europe. Sue Dudley I'm far from being a magnolia fan but at least it's warm!

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Kerridwen Parslow

White is NOT a "neutral" and should only be used as an accent color, particularly in delineating architectural features and trim by contrasting with other colors on major surfaces. White tends to create a clinical coldness in a space and can provoke depression and restlessness. It's been proven by countless studies that color has an effect on human mood and mental stimulation, both positive and negative. There are valid reasons why the walls of hospitals and schools and even prisons are not painted white. The warm spectrum (oranges, yellows, reds, pinks) stimulate feelings of comfort and optimism -- yellow in particular has been related to hunger which is why it is often used in food packaging and restaurant decor as well as residential kitchens. And pinks and peach tones are used in hospitals and child care facilities because they have been shown to promote calmness. Shades of green are known to promote creativity -- pale tones of greens are among the best to make the walls appear to recede in a small space. Blues and violets, particularly in more natural semi-saturated tones, are associated with relaxation and even sleep and are a good choice for bedrooms.

The trend in the USA for "safe white" (especially in kitchens and baths) and what I call "50 shades of beige" in general decor for the last couple of decades has made for some really ugly and dull spaces. I fear the "50 shades of grey" transition in the past 5 years is following a similar descending arc in taste, individuality and domestic comfort. I blame the real estate industry for brainwashing people into making their homes as generic and "neutral" as possible so that they are easier for them to sell. They have literally made people terrified to use color in their homes.

It's also important to consider the spectrum of the light sources that you are using to illuminate a space, as that will affect the colors of all surfaces. The new LED lamps can be had in a range from cool to warm tones, some can even be adjusted across a spectral range to change the mood. Many rooms can be transformed simply by a better choice and arrangement of lighting, a factor in interior design that I feel is not addressed often enough.

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Anudha Dutta

The first transformation is too dark and makes the room dingy and small.

The last one with the separating door ages the ambiance, not attractive.

Most of the furnishing are very odd and miss matched and things on the shelves too cluttered, difficult to keep clean.


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