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That echeveria looks much like my hen and chicks but a quick google search tells me that they are different plants, although some echeveria species are commonly called hen and chicks. The ones in my garden have done quite well overwintering where temps are usually below freezing and sometimes dip below 0° F.

I'm glad to see other succulents that will winter over in this area. We have some ice plants as ground cover on a stone walkway but I'll keep some of these other plants in mind for other parts of the yard. We have access to a good water supply in our desert area but it's still good to have at least some plants that don't take a lot of water so we can cut back on water usage.

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6 & 7, Rio Verde?

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I could not keep rock purslane alive in my zone 7 location and was very sad because it is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I did such a good job with an aloe vera that it put out exuberant orange blooms. Of the many decades that I've had aloe veras I had never had one bloom before. I do use stonecrop in a set of pots just to have an easy no care green corner which can go through both hot low water days and sub freezing weather and always rally back. I also like Autumn Joy sedum as it is tough both summer and winter and attracts butterflies. Is portulaca also a succulent.? It is awfully pretty too. And it seeds so reliably.


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