POLL: Basement or loft?

Tom Flanagan
15 January, 2015
last modified: 6 June, 2016

It's no secret that we love extensions here in the UK and Ireland, but which would you prefer - a cool basement extension, or a trendy loft?
Leave us a comment and vote away!


Comments (78)

  • PRO
    Bristol Design & Architecture

    It has to be loft, if you have one, but a basement can be made to work well if you can cleverly achieve at least some daylighting - lighting naturally is always preferable to make any space enjoyable

  • PRO
    Jeffery and Wilkes

    If i had to choose i would pick loft but if you can utilise both!

  • PRO
    Arcane Design Ltd

    Both have their merits depending on space available, original structure to work within and don't forget the water table height...!!

  • PRO

    Loft is a much more cost effective way to gain extra space

  • PRO
    ParkerClark Architecture and Design

    Its a context dependant issue but both can produce affective results.

  • PRO

    Loft without a doubt. An amazing opportunities using daylight

  • PRO
    Architectural Studio

    Loft conversions are always a great way to make extra useable space. Adding balconies and creating external areas with a view makes the project far more exciting.

  • PRO
    Emmet O'Donnell Architect

    Well modified basement and loft spaces can enhance your quality of life

  • PRO
    Darragh Lynch Architects

    Lovely room which makes it really easy to get out into the garden

  • PRO
    J.Robinson Building Contractors

    We'd like either but the loft looks great

  • PRO
    David Soppitt Architect

    basements are cool, but you need deep pockets

  • PRO

    The basement opens up lots of new space

  • PRO
    Central London Lofts

    We find that our clients loved loft conversion..

    Lee Road, SE3 · More Info

  • PRO
    TOR Interiors

    We at Tor Interiors are huge fans of a loft space - great light!

  • PRO
    Timbers Building Ltd.

    It depends on your looking for. Basements offer more room, but can you beat the light and airy feeling of a loft?

  • PRO
    Insight Architects and Designers Ltd

    We love loft space. Big or small they give light airy and flexible space - and they pay for themselves!

  • PRO
    Nicola Richardson Architects Ltd

    Basement, great for usable space and adding more living space

  • PRO
    Progression Architects Ltd.

    It really depends on what space you are looking at trying to create, they both have there own benefits and it's what you make of the space rather than the space itself!

  • PRO
    Dublin Design Studio

    Really depends on your particular site, however the end goal is the same - space and light - so go up, go down - it's all good!!

  • PRO
    BLD Contractors

    We find our clients prefer loft conversion better than basements.

  • PRO
    Red Raven Design Ltd

    Lofts are generally easier to convert but a basement may be more appropriate for a room use that is noisy or requires more seclusion.

  • PRO
    Keller Architects

    Really bright basement spaces -difficult to achieve but can be very dramatic if successfully done!

  • PRO
    C-side Architectural Design Ltd

    I prefer a loft conversion as it can be a great source of light into other areas of the house.

  • PRO
    Lucas Construction Design & Build Ltd

    Much more cost effective than Basement,shorter build time

  • PRO
    Barrie Simons & Associates

    Loft conversions are generally cheaper and easier than basements.

  • PRO
    Loader Monteith Architects

    We voted for basement

  • PRO
    Sara Connolly Architect

    Light & views are always a possibility with a loft extension.

  • PRO
    Airedale Architects

    Great space.

  • PRO
    Heath Coombe Architecture

    I voted on the loft

  • PRO
    KPCL Architecture

    Great simple loft design. Definitely an idea to show to our current client.

  • PRO
    V&V Architects Ltd

    Bright and nice!

  • PRO
    MatLab Architecture

    Basement! I'm creating a cave for the kids at the moment!

  • PRO
    hales marshall design architects

    voted for basement as these space can add more interest to the house and can be more inspirational

  • PRO
    Dulwich Design Kitchens Ltd

    I voted on the loft.

  • PRO
    Yorkshire Fabric Shop

    Lofts are a lot more creative

  • PRO
    Cupola Design Ltd

    Basements give the opportunity to develop spaces with greater flexibility where planning restrictions do not allow to grow higher or you have already developed your loft.

  • hounoc

    Basements feel claustrophobic. Also I'd worry about whether they are done properly (even more so as a neighbour) so that they won't cause settlement problems etc. Loft all the way.

  • PRO
    Conbu Interior Design

    I'd love a basement to open onto a patio & wouldn't say no to a loft conversion too. The more space the better

  • PRO
    Love Shutters UK

    I love loft conversions, great light coverage for the room and possibility of lovely views.

  • hounoc

    Is it a basement extension if it opens to a patio or is it just a ground floor?

  • PRO
    Starlight Loft Conversions Ltd

    Obviously I have chosen the loft. Always light and airy.

  • PRO
    DP Refurbishment Ltd

    Basement! Great use of space

  • lisa77226
    Why would you go underground and lose daylight if you have the option to go up and keep it?!
  • Stephen Edwards

    I'm another who likes the idea of both. I do have two large basement rooms where I live now, it's a sloping site; if I can ever afford it (and get planning consent), the biggest one which faces the road will have the door widened so that it can be used as a garage. The loft is huge but I don't need any more rooms up there, as this was meant to be a downsize so they'd be unused.

  • PRO
    Amelia Designs

    Loft Definitely - Light & bright perfect for the summer and cozy in the Winter!

  • PRO
    Richard Ruddick Architecture

    Basement extensions with full height doors for maximum light are great.

  • PRO
    Parker Developments

    I would normally recommend a loft conversion as it is a lot cheaper, but if you have the money basements are becoming more and more popular these days

  • PRO
    Exbury Homes Ltd

    Loft conversion is straightforward Basements can be diificult

  • PRO

    From a developer's l perspective basements can be a nightmare to build (and very costly)! We do normally try to incorporate them and the trend in London is to build mega basements. In most of our developments the basement will house the plant equipment so is a necessity but we have also built basements for clients that contain cinema rooms & games rooms. If you're thinking about doing a basement just make sure you check your costings!

  • PRO
    Martyn J Pearson & Associates

    Effective use of space

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