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listentostillness & mrsqnbee. The slats and spacing are for aeration since I keep bags of dirt and gardening tools inside, not for plates and linens. The granite is so I have a safe place to put my camping stove but still semi outdoors for the fumes to dissipate (Out of necessity since you can loose electricity for several days to a week or more after a hurricane). It was meant to be kept in a screened in patio/porch that has a roof, common configuration in Florida. So it doesn't really get rained on, maybe some sideways spatter from the screen side, but the sealed wood stands up well to the elements and I can mop the excess water out the patio screen door, hence the aluminum legs that are a little high.

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You have a beautiful and practical set up, floridian! My comments were directed at the photos in the article. It looks like maybe the interior base of your "island" is made of a type of screen. That is also smart because it would allow air circulation to decrease mildew. Very nice.
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Studio NOO Design

...not sure about #1, dirt and rain ?


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