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K and D Joinery Ltd

Great feature.

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I have two main problem areas. Firstly we have a northfacing porch that has low, red-bricked double walls surrounding it with a white-painted ledge thus creating a sort of narrow decorative raised bed. Because the roof of the porch overhangs it, it gets no water. I garden with benign neglect so I invariably forget to water whatever I've planted so everything dies except for a grey nameless plant that I inherited. Secondly the driveway and area in front of the house is cemented. My husband doesnt want me to gravel it as he feels it would be too expensive and too awkward to push the wheelie bins out to the kerb. Oh also ideas for disguising 3 wheelie bins ... Any solutions gratefully received.

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Advice please on kerb appeal for this place- the left hand semi detached house. The bins were only visible that day because they were due for collection

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