Win a design consultation at The permanent tsb Ideal Home Show!

Emmeline Westin
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Are you struggling to pull a scheme together? Is your living room in need of an upgrade, but you're not sure where to start? Or perhaps you're in the midst of a project and need some expert help?

The Houzz team will be at The permanent tsb Ideal Home Show on Saturday 16th April, ready to meet with all of you Irish Houzzers! And we've invited some guests...

Hepburn Design, Thelma Henry Interiors, Ruth Noble Interiors, Wall Morris Design and Black Fox Interiors will join us at our stand to offer complimentary design consultations to winners of this competition!

How to enter:

If you're suffering from a design dilemma, describe your brief below and we'll pick 20 winners. Each winner will get to meet one of the interior designers above for a free 20 minute consultation. The slots will run from 11am-1pm.

The competition has now closed - thank you for entering!

We're looking forward to seeing you at the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show!

Here are a few images of the talented interior designers' projects!

Wall Morris Design

Hepburn Designs
Done Deal Living Room all items are second hand · More Info

Black Fox Interiors

Dining & Living room · More Info

Thelma Henry Interiors

Beside the Sea · More Info

Ruth Noble Interiors

Victorian Family Home in South West London · More Info

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Comments (74)

  • paulineruddy
    6 years ago

    I am currently building a new house. The kitchen living and dinning is all in one and is a very large space, 50*13. I'd love your advice on doing up this area.

  • Kim McDonald Bucur
    6 years ago
    We have a tiny 20 year old north facing apartment. open plan kitchen and living space. Kitchen hasn't been touched in 20 years. We are looking to redesign the layout making sure kitchen and living flow but remain separate spaces and functions. Because it is North facing we also need to look at lighting options.
  • maireadstack36
    6 years ago
    I am a Houzz addict!! My husband and I have been planning an extension for our 3 bed semi for 2 years as it's going to be on a shoestring budget! We have 2 small children, 2 cats and any existing space is stuffed with my husband's drums and various drumming bits and pieces!!! We will have no money to decorate the house after the construction of the extension so any advise on how to maximise our space will be gray appreciated!! Also, any clever storage tips for our still small space will be great! I check Houzz every night, it's my little pleasure so would LOVE to get some one on one advise from Houzz experts
  • Ruth Meredith
    6 years ago

    I've just bought my first property and I have no idea where to start! The apartment was built in the 80's and pretty much nothing has been done with it. It's also east west facing so I'm stuck as regards what colour paint, furnishing, curtains, flooring etc. that my I should use! Help!!

  • Ellie Ivanova
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    We are trying to create a fun and functional room for our two sons (7 and 1), the kind of room they can sleep, play and study for next few years. The problem is the room is quite small (2.5mx3.5m) and we don't know how to fit everything in it. Would be really great to get some advice from creative people. Thanks a lot!

  • Ann Blackwell
    6 years ago
    I will be attending the home design show for the first time, would love a consultation..we've just started a new build...i've some ideas that i need help in expanding..im not sure where to go...im thinking a serving area as a divide between the kitchen/Dining, im considering black windows inside and outside..ive lots of questions..fingers crossed ☺
  • Norma O'keeffe
    6 years ago

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping to get my house painted in the next few weeks as its been 10years since it painted and now the decor is tired and dated. I would love advice on paint colours and wallpaper that would work for me. In addition I'd like advice on furniture layout in our living room including advice on painting pine furniture and how best to arrange sofas.

  • Susan Kavanagh
    6 years ago

    Hi there. This is a pretty simple request but sometimes the hardest part of the process. We recently renovated our kitchen/dining/living area and have picked neutral colours - white and grey in a modern style. We would love a consultation regarding colours, fabrics, textures etc. to personalise our space. Many thanks.

  • aislingnicra
    6 years ago

    Would love some advice from one of your design consultants. In the process of buying the apartment we are living in which is in need of modernisation (built in the early 70's). I love the Houzz eclectic style design and aim to incorporate this style into each room. I could do with a lot of advice on how to maximise the space we have, i.e. whether to knock down kitchen wall to make the living area open space, advice on storage solutions for small spaces - especially kitchen area. I would be thrilled to meet with one of your designers as your site is amazing.

  • Mary Burns
    6 years ago
    I have done a lot of decorating in a few rooms but cannot seem to pull everything together. I would really love an experts advice to help me with ideas!?, Look forward to Houzz every week. Thank You.
  • Anna W
    6 years ago

    I would like to renovate my old kitchen. I live in a 1920 semi-detached house and my big problem is storage. The present kitchen would have been put in in the 1960 and is small, so any advice regarding where to put the sink, cooker. I am into Feng Shui and try to practice it.

    All help would be appreciated.

  • andreaboyd1
    6 years ago
    Would love to be in with a chance of winning a consultation with any of these amazing interior designers. We are currently starting renovations in my husbands home house. There is a large central hallway which extends over 3 floors. It needs modernisation as it hasn't changed in 25 years.. We would love a flow from new kitchen extension & living areas off the hallway.
  • cathy_james90
    6 years ago

    We are lookin to renovate & extend the family home, looking for ideas for a light ,colourful playful and workable kitchen and living room thats welcoming and able to withstand two wonderfully energetic little boys.....cheer CJ

  • a_butler2006
    6 years ago

    Anna Butler

    Planning an 80 metresq extension for a 3 bedroom bungalow with some design flaws to the original structure problems with entrance and dark hallway. Finding it difficult to integrate the new structure. Would really benefit from design advice from your experts and advice on how to integrate the interiors of old and new.

  • suz86
    6 years ago
    Hi, we are currently planning our first home after 13years together. We have designed the house with our architect and have a great kitchen/diner space that we would love ideas for. its a one story level attached to the main two storey house. lots of windows and light. like the traditional style. would love beams, country kitchen.
  • Ann Clohessy
    6 years ago

    We are building our family home and are at the interior design stage and would love some ideas. We have a big open plan kitchen/living/sun room and would like ideas for furnishing it. We are trying to decide on colour for doors, skirting, architrave, the kitchen, flooring, lighting....any help would be fantastic. I have pulled lots of ideas already from the houzz app & our builder and electrician have built in some of your designs throughout the build. I would be thrilled with the opportunity of a consultation.

  • sheenaolough
    6 years ago
    I have just completed a renovation project in the entire house with the help of a lot of design ideas from houzz.... With the exception of the last room, the games room .... If I don't do it soon my children will continue to use it as a junk room! Help! Pool table stays but sofas gotta go .... Need ideas for Color schemes, wall coverings and my hubby would like a small space for a mini bar and his stuffed fish!!!! How do I do that in an oddly shaped room ... A big ask I know
  • Lisa
    6 years ago
    Hi Emmeline / Houzzers,
    Delighted to see Houzz Ireland has arrived and look forward to seeing you at Ideal Home Show. We are in a new self build with a few rooms unfinished. We are really happy with how it has turned out so far but we have just ran out of energy, enthusiasm and ideas for the remaining few rooms. The overall style of the house is modern/contemporary with lots of white, grey, monochrome and pops of colour. The rooms in q are a sitting room, an ensuite bedroom and a downstairs bedroom.
  • Deirdre Kennedy
    6 years ago

    Hi Fabulous Houzzers, I need help to plan a kitchen extension. I absolutely love the Houzz website and would love the opportunity to have a chat about modernsing the other rooms as well. Cheers!

  • lorrainebyrne19
    6 years ago
    Hi! My husband and I have lived in our detached Edwardian house for 10 years. We are about to embark on our "phase II" refurbishment of a number of rooms including our kitchen diner, our master bedroom, and a guest room/day room. In addition to this, we need to repaint the exterior. Our house would lend itself to using bold colours. We have made some mistakes with choosing colour schemes in the past, and would really like to get it right this time around. Our house deserves to look it's best, and we would love to do it justice by giving it the "wow factor". We could really do with some help in choosing colour palettes which would compliment the rooms, and aspect of the house! Look forward to seeing you at the show.

    Lorraine Byrne
  • Sinead O'Connell
    6 years ago
    We live in what was originally a farmhouse (1967). All of our rooms downstairs are facing the wrong way and at the wrong side of the house to maximise natural light. We have just recently signed off our working specification drawings.Upstairs we are adding an ensuite to our bedroom. Over our garage currently we have a flat roof this will be converted to our new kitchen/living area with a slanted roof with two windows and a light tunnel. Our main bathroom is dated and needs a complete revamp. The site is sloped to the back. At one side we have very mature trees the other side is open. We have beautiful views of the countryside on all sides. We would love some insider knowledge on finishings and colours that are smart, efficient and will stand the test of time. We will be building the blueprint with a view to finishing sections in stages eg we have included on our downstairs plan a spare room which can be finished at a later date.
  • barbaracooney1
    6 years ago
    Morning all! We are an exciting stage. Myself and my husband bought our first home before Christmas. We have the builders in at the moment doing some demolition! The next step is deciding on the theme and design of the inside of it. It's a 1978 bungalow. Neither myself or my husband have a creative streak in us and are relying on family and friends opinions! We don't know which advice to go with. We like a modern look. We would love the the opportunity to meet your team. We have your app on my phone and finding it brilliant. Thanks very much
  • mcloonan
    6 years ago

    Magnolia Overload! We moved into a house last August that had lain empty and unfinished since 2007 but was painted magnolia throughout..even the doors, skirting architraves are that colour! We have installed a painted wood kitchen (in Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone) with Marmoleum flooring in Rocky Ice and need some help in getting a colour that will work for the walls- the area faces south and gets a lot of sunlight through some patio doors. Some advice on colours to banish the magnolia through the rest of the house to work with the dark oak floors would be much appreciated too! And any advice on storage solutions for a small kids den would be an extra bonus. Thanks..

  • janinemcmahon
    6 years ago

    Welcome to Ireland Houzz! We are getting married in August & plan to build a small Modular - L or T shaped home on a limited budget. We would love direction & guidance from your professionals re best use of space & light. Look forward to hearing from you Janine

  • yevoneee
    6 years ago
    We're renovating our house and there is so much to be done!! I need all the help I can get or the whole house will probably look the same as I will surely run out of Inspiration!! Love Houzz and delighted it's launched in Ireland! Fingers crossed I'll see ye next week!!
  • ruthgalway
    6 years ago

    Hi there, we have a 1970's house with a 'feature' fireplace in the living room. We would love to get some advice on designing storage for the fireplace alcove. A relatively small project but one that we really want to get right!

  • Erin T
    6 years ago

    Hi Emmeline, I'm looking forward to the home show and would absolutely love the opportunity to meet with one of the designers. Two years ago I bought an Edwardian end of Terrace in Dublin 8, and have slowly been tackling the interior. I've gone with a contemporary feel, but still trying to retain the period character of the house. I'd love to introduce some bold colours, and bold patterned wallpapers in the hall and bedrooms (painted in neutrals at the moment) and would love some advice on how to do this. I want to make sure that if I do this, the rooms still will still 'flow' into one another. I would also like some advice on how to warm or cosy up my sitting room a bit. The ceilings are high and walls are white, and it just feels a bit bare! Many thanks and looking forward to the show! Erin

  • Rita Carney
    6 years ago
    I would love the opportunity to avail of some advice. I am in the process of purchasing an old inner city terraced cottage that I will be fully renovating from a traditional one storey one bed terraced cottage with no central heating into a two storey two bed contemporary modem city home. House is north facing so I'd love to get some creative ideas on how to optimise natural light into my current design and discuss interiors throughout to keep it bright and modern when choosing finishes. It will be a great project if I get the detail right! Thanks.
  • Audrey Lambourn
    6 years ago

    Really looking forward to seeing Houzz at the ideal homes exhibition this weekend. We have a small 1930s semi detached cottage in Galway with poor insulation etc, we are looking to add on a modern modular extension and don't know where to begin. We'd love to win a consultation slot to get some design ideas, thanks for running the competition

  • Martina
    6 years ago
    Hi,I will be at the show on Friday and would love to meet you.
    we are going to build a new single storey house and really need all the help we can get.it would be great to get some ideas to pull the whole house together with complementary themes.
    it's going to be a passive house and we have spent a lot of time on that side of the design, so now we are ready for all the nice bits.
    I will call to say hello even if I don't win.....I'm slightly Houzz obsessed! Thanks, Martina.
  • IC Keogh
    6 years ago

    hi, I would really love some inspiration to decorate my living room. We built our house 15 years ago and are now at the stage where everything needs redecorating. However, our living room has been a non starter for all these years - I would love to give this room a new lease of life - It has a 20ft ceiling, large windows, and one huge wall thats screaming for something to be put on it. I want to achieve great things for this room and need your help to get there. Thanks from a avid Houzz fan. Thanks Isabelle

  • mtr_m
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    We are delighted with our new living room but it's been a year and I can't decide how to layout the corner that will have the tv units etc. Would love some advice from the experts. Looking forward to the show. Thanks!

  • cathylavelle
    6 years ago

    We are embarking on the exciting journey of building a new home. I am very overwhelmed with all of the design choices available and could really do with some help and pointers, especially in the kitchen and sitting room. (Fingers crossed !). Cathy

  • Lynne Byrne
    6 years ago

    Hi, we are renovating an 1800q ft lodge in the Wicklow Mountains. Starting from literally 4 bare walls and a roof back and building it back to become a cosy family home for life. Would love the opportunity to chat some ideas through with your experts. We will be attending on Saturday, thank you Lynne

  • catsers
    6 years ago

    I have just moved in to an traditional Edwardian style house with two adjoining sitting rooms, I am looking for ideas how create an individual look for each but that will work as a whole space when the central doors are opened. We have the original stained glass and fireplaces that I want to compliment with paint colours, carpet, mirrors etc but need help choosing the right palette. I will be attending the show on the Saturday and would love the opportunity to get some good advice.

  • Ann Mohan-Gannon
    6 years ago

    Starting an interior decorator class in Galway this evening. Can't wait! Want to do a lot more in the area of decore/diy. Would like to work in this area in a part-time basis. Built my house in 2007 and its been a work in progress since! Put up coving in sitting room last weekend.

  • r c
    6 years ago

    hi I am trying to remodel my kitchen - for the last 3 years!! I've ripped out the utility room and the place is a mess but I still haven't decided on the kitchen. I can't get the colour scheme right. I want a contemporary kitchen but don't want it clinical or bland. Was picking sand doors and white quartz top but is it too much of a nothing. I think about it all day and all night. I have researched for 2 years and still can't make a decision. My family think I am mad and I am beginning to think I am too. I have the appliances bought for months and stored, the plumbing done and the builder coming to block up a door tonight but no kitchen ordered Please help

  • cathyph
    6 years ago

    Hi so looking forward to seeing your stand at Ideal Homes would love help solving dilemma of living room reasonable size but odd shape with alcoves and L shape . Door in middle of one wall 2 windows on opposite wall and fireplace on other. Furniture placement difficult as I always seem to have a disconnected section.Its just a space to be avoided despite much effort A nice cozy inviting space suitable for adults and children at different times would be wonderful .A consultation would be fantastic. Thank you.

  • suzcarolan
    6 years ago
    Hi we are lucky to live in a bright spacious seaside home however the hallway & entrance are narrow and not compatible with our busy lives with four sport obsessed boys . We are looking to redesign & extend the entrance to incorporate a useful storage area with a welcoming hall . We ultimately would like this new entrance to take in a current 70's style balcony giving a high ceiling/ mezzanine area - desperately seeking some inspiration and guidance
  • katankenn
    6 years ago
    Our project is to modernise our 'granny flat which looks onto a pretty garden, great potential but we need advice and ideas.
  • aideenjordan
    6 years ago
    Our open plan, kitchen, dining and lounge area is in need of a major revamp. My children (age 7 and 5) have passed the stage of drawing on the walls so I feel I can now invest in new colours and textures - everything from paint to blinds-ready to try something bold and beautiful. Our house was a self build 8 years ago. I need some advice on breaking the area up - giving each area, kitchen, dining and lounge their individuality they deserve while complimenting each other. I have a cream u shaped kitchen, large island and double roof space over kitchen area so I have a lot of light and would really appreciate advice on paint colours for kitchen units too. I like many styles and very open to different colour palettes- Great prize and would love the opportunity to chat to you on the day!
  • PRO
    Dub M
    6 years ago
    We have finally run the gauntlet of buying a house in Dublin!first house, two little kids and no heating in this 1960s semi d. We're about to start the renovation while I return to work after baby and it turns out I'm very indecisive about colour! My husband has left everything inside to me and it's overwhelming. I love all the neutral blending colours but I have a big fear of bland grey and beige everywhere so need lots of colour without it looking crazy!would love this prize!
  • Orla James
    6 years ago

    I have the bathroom from hell. The shower is leaking, the sink taps are a joke, the toilet doesn't flush properly. It needs a compete redesign but it is proving awkward to design. A window takes up too much wall space and the bathroom is fairly small. I will bring photos, prepare to be shocked!

  • moonwall
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Two rooms to choose from if you would - one the old drawing room of an 1878 semi-derelict house to be turned into the seating area of a cafe (windows are south facing), the second another room in the same house to be turned into a cosy, afternoon tea style yet fashionable room (windows are East facing) - all to be done up on a budget. All advice very, very gratefully received.

  • lauriemcgann
    6 years ago

    Hello Houzz Ireland,

    We are currently renovating a 1960's build - so as you know, there is a lot of decisions to be made!! So it would be nice to get some gems of advice from the experts to help us through this daunting task. Areas where we would really like some inspiration for - small bathroom downstairs. I would really like to do something fun with this room and although small, I think it could work really well with some funky wallpaper or possibly tiles?! I'm just not sure what to do with it. Also - pulling a whole house together?! Where do we start? We have the bigger pieces of furniture but how do I know what nest of tables goes best with a suite? Or what accessories will bring a room together? I'm due a second baby in 2 weeks time so any help at this stage would be so amazing - to guide me on the right interior design path for our new house.



  • Claire S
    6 years ago
    Living room refurb! Attending the show and would love a design consultation to discuss options for refurbishing a Victorian south facing living room with high ceilings but retain character and features. I have created mood boards but would love professional advice to pull it all together and give practical tips on light and colour.
  • E ORegan
    6 years ago

    Our family of six has expanded
    at pace

    And now we are extending to add lots
    more space

    Four kids, 9 down to 1, all have
    different needs

    A bathroom, utility, 2 new
    bedroom retreats,

    a family room, 2 tables- one at
    which to study and one to eat

    So come on Houzz give us
    inspiration to realise the finish

    Lighting plans, bathroom layout,
    lots of storage, a flourish

    Share your innovations, chic,
    cool and swish

    Futureproof the house, cos once the ducklings have flown the nest

    It will be us parents turn to finally
    relax and rest!

  • jeanofarrell
    6 years ago
    Hi! I just bought a house with a kitchen badly in need of renovation, I have lots of ideas and a smallish kitchen area. I need help to make everything fit right in the space I have. Thanks! Jean x #ilovemarble
  • Miriam Baxter
    6 years ago

    Thank you for this opportunity .I live in a modern semidetached house approx 16 years old , I have avoided renovating the kitchen I was afraid to make a mistake . Due to the original design I feel it does not optimise available space . It is like a puzzle and no matter how much thought I give i can not come up with a design that I am happy with or that will work

    Thank you in anticipation . Miriam

  • Emmeline Westin
    Original Author
    6 years ago

    Hello and thank you for sharing all your design dilemmas! Winners will be notified this morning, so please keep an eye out for an email from me!

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