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How Interior Designers Can Go Green With Houzz Pro

We outlined 3 ways Houzz Pro can empower your business to reduce its ecological footprint and support the global fight against climate change.

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As design professionals, we need to face the facts: the home improvement industry has massive effects on the world’s environment; from processes used for materials, to waste production and waste disposal. Interior designers, both as individuals and as businesses, have the potential to make a huge impact on preservation of our environment for future generations. Interior design professionals are the ones selecting which materials and products are used in their everyday work, as well as the type of solutions that will be used to bring their design vision to life. As a designer, you can play a vital part in reducing some of the negative environmental impacts. 

Change starts by making a conscious choice, and to help you take a step toward more earth-friendly business practices, we outlined 3 ways Houzz Pro can empower your business to reduce its ecological footprint and support the global fight against climate change:

1. Houzz Pro helps save precious resources like trees and fossil fuels.

Increased efficiency has many ripple effects. Houzz Pro's seamless tracking of key project and business activities ensures fluid project management, whether you’re in the office, at home, or in the field. By speeding up your projects, you reduce disruptions as well as associated emissions and fuel costs because you no longer have to rely so heavily on driving for sourcing and meetings. 

Consider switching to video calls and sharing your mood boards and proposals via email instead of driving to meet in person. If enough professionals make this change, think of how much fuel would be saved, and the amount of carbon emissions reduced. Also, by being more efficient and keeping your clients happy, it means you’ll be getting repeat business and will grow your leads. The move towards digital draughtsmanship and online project management saves paper, and therefore trees. Every action matters. What we might take for granted like creating digital proposals and mood boards, or sending online invoices and emails, has repercussions if multiplied by hundreds and tens of thousands of professionals and clients around the world. When everyone is on the same page, think of the impact we can make.

2. Houzz Pro's all-in-one business solution saves time - your most precious resource. 

When designing a home, it's hard to think about the bigger picture – that we also have one big home for all of us: our precious planet. As environmental issues are becoming front and centre of our daily lives, ignoring major global climate crises is no longer acceptable. If every design professional would consciously save as much energy in every small way possible, collectively we could make a great difference in decreasing the amount consumed by our industry. 

Case in point, a simple switch to the Houzz Pro all-in-one interior design business management solution could help you reduce your carbon footprint throughout your business processes. You can communicate with clients virtually, create and track projects all in one central place, all while reducing the paper burden. Houzz Pro unlocks the ability to access and use shared data, stored in the cloud, in real-time, with no lag. Because you can do everything in one place using Houzz Pro's interior design project management software, from time-tracking and document sharing to payment requests and updating timelines, the amount of time scrolling across multiple devices and waiting for data to load across multiple databases is greatly reduced. This results in less paper chasing, printing and archiving, and more efficient online management of your business from new leads to paid projects. 

3. Houzz Pro results in better, more effective communication, which means fewer mistakes.

Let’s go back in time before mobile apps and task tool integration: you and your client visit a showroom to see the wallpaper you have in mind. Now you use Houzz Pro's proposal tool to show the client what you have in mind, and it's easier to get trackable approvals. Houzz Pro's easy email and video integrations lead to increased productivity, reduced overhead, and the ability to scale your business with fewer resources. Houzz Pro’s built-in messaging solution helps you communicate faster and more effectively with your leads and clients. And better communication means more accurate budgets, reduced errors, improved outcomes, and a general increase in business for you. It's just like a personal assistant who is always with you. With Houzz Pro, you can shrink your ecological footprint.

The climate is changing, is your business changing too? Join the movement toward sustainability and try the Houzz Pro all-in-one solution for free to help you go green today.

Houzz Pro is the all-in-one tool for marketing, project and client management built specifically for renovation, build, and design professionals.

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