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Oh I love the frog,is it made out of brass?

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I have a fireclay single bowl farmhouse sink and still love it one year after installation. I had a stupid triple sink when I bought the house and couldn’t clean large pots easily. This sink is large enough to put dirty things aside if you need to clean veggies, or whatever.
Being short, I appreciate these sinks being closer to you when you wash anything. My similarly sized designer made this point when we were discussing sinks and she was so right!
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Create Good

Love the ideas in this thread, but I'm surprised to see that there was no mention of ledge sinks! It's still a new concept, but I see it being all the rage a few years down the line.

We sell undermount sinks with an integrated ledge that allows you to rest cutting boards, colanders and all sorts of accessories right in your sink. Not only does it extend your counter space, but it turns your sink into a full prep station!

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