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Seriously organised cassandrascott24! Love your cupboard. I also love the bench seat in picture 2 but would suggest that instead of a lift up seat which can be a faff, drawers which open easily would be more likely to encourage tidy habits.

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Houseology's laundry room is sheer genius.

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deborah eade

Not sure that children are likely to put their toys away in bench seating, too heavy for little ones to lift. When they were tiny, I dumped everything child-related into the playpen each night (yes, we did have a playpen - both to keep them safe while I was doing something else but also doubled up as a tent or 'secret' den with a blanket over the top). We were lucky enough when they were older for each to have their own bedroom - the rule was no toys left around downstairs, and none of my work to migrate up from my office on the lower ground floor. All a bit of a mess right now with three adults sharing lockdown!


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