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Peggy Sue Gay
We eliminated access to the dead corner from the kitchen and I got an amazing linen cupboard in the hallway on the flip side of my kitchen. This was a kitchen remodel and I spent years losing things in that deep dark corner lower cupboard. When we went to remodel - i said - just close it up - and then thought - hmm but how to not lose that space entirely - and boom - wonderful 3 shelves easily accessible from the flip side of the wall....
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Love it! Great ideas to choose from
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I was hot-to-trot to have swing-out corner shelving like picture #4. However, after doing the math on storage, I discovered that the cost wasn't justified. They didn't give me more storage because the swing-outs took up space from the rest of the cabinets... I had more storage for items by leaving the corner unused and relying on the usual cabinet layout. They are a sexy idea, but sometimes, less is more.

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