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Sandra Rafferty

Ah well then I'm like you. In fact I don't have curtains at all, I prefer slatted blinds in wood and various colours made to fit the windows - except on my landing which has a 6ft x 7ft Victorian stained glass window which is south-facing. That has curtains to keep out the sun and heat in summer, and keep in the warmth in winter. I go for style but was just disappointed this article didn't mention the silliness of covering radiators with long curtains as one could end up with a very stylish cold room!

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Might have a dumb question here. Can hanging long curtains over a radiator lead to a fire? I would be concerned about very hot metal radiators and hanging fabric. Perhaps if there is a radiator cover this is less of an issue?

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Gerry Rust

I would say not as I have been covering very hot radiators with curtains in a variety of materials for years now :D However Sandra is quite right, it isn't very sensible from an economic point of view! Like I said I'm a bit of an idiot... ;) In my defence I live in a Georgian terraced house with very thick external walls, that is enclosed by other (mostly) Georgian properties and I have a wood burning stove, also some of the largest radiators aren't under a window anyway, so if anything the house can get too hot in the winter and I have to turn most of them down! Of course the downside to all this incidental insulation is that the house doesn't get much light downstairs but you can't have it all...


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