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I'm in the camp of "no lazy Susans". I don't care how clever any of those pull out options are, that would drive me crazy. and I have found Corner sinks, when working at them coming out to be to my liking. I feel like it gets dirty in the space behind the sink and it's difficult to reach. I'm so excited you gave the corner pantry, and corner desk option! Or the glass cabinet on the counter. That is beautiful. Those are things I had never thought of. Or, go minimal, just a nice open corner to display art :)
I'm lucky in my current home, I can access the kitchen blind corner from my living room, it's a mid-century Ranch, and I'm going to use that blind corner to put a cabinet in the living room where I can actually access things! I'm excited to do that.

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Dura Supreme Cabinetry


Thank you so much for sharing several of our corner storage solutions in this article. If anyone is looking for more storage solutions like these, check out our Storage Ideabook at:

Mandi @ Dura

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I designed this remodel, which previously had 2 corners, into zero corner cabinets being used. Highly functional and intuitive for the cooks.


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