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Thank you for your response! Imagining the groupings you are describing, I think I "see" that my milkweed is partnered with plants that are too short. They gawkily stick up in front of and around lovely sky blue asters and little bluestem, somewhat blocking the majesty of the light through the bluestem, in particular.

I will try getting them together with my Joe Pye weed instead (not sure if they'll tolerate the dampness there), or maybe in my larger field with the Black-Eyed Susans and goldenrods. Do you know if common milkweed can tolerate a very-early-Spring mowing? Swamp milkweed comes up later, but none of my butterflies seem drawn to it as much. Thanks again for your ideas!

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Laura T

I have no idea re: mowing other than it might delay bloom? Sounds like you have a good plan in mind! When I read your question I was also imagining the pre-snow frosty fields we buy our Christmas tree from. Sometimes mother nature is the best designer: Milkweed pods with goldenrod, aster and red osier dogwood. A bit of an aside, but my non-virtual chats never seem to be about native plants so I am indulging myself :)

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What an enchanting collection of flowers! A very heavenly garden of beauties.


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