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@Jean Herman, many people do that on purpose to keep others from parking in front of their homes. As if they owned the street. It’s selfish behavior. It makes it difficult for older people with limited mobility to get out of a car, also the disabled. If the parking strip growth is too much it makes it dangerous for parents to get little kids out of the car because they have to do that on the street side of the vehicle. Or if they have a van with the opening on the sidewalk side they pretty much have to park elsewhere.

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And BTW..
Some like shade trees, some like ornamentals, some like blowing , and raking leaves, others not so much. Some like to pay for trimming, thinning, and pruning, or lifted sidewalks...some are unable.
And again, depends on where you live.
Where I live the property values have nothing to do with trees or anything else, but proximity to high tech companies.

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way to go, lisadoll! couldn't have said it better!


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