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I live in a 125ft2 studio, so I don’t have any options for moving my bed from the corner that it occupies. However, as the bed’s location is in a horribly un-feng shui area, I did all that I could possibly do to eliminate the poison arrows. I moved the headboard about 14” away from the wall and the window. I hung two sheer curtain panels to “divide” the headboard from the window ( and I have slept much better ever since!). The day bed does have four drawers underneath, but since it is a double bed I am not sleeping entirely over my things inside. The red light in the south corner helps attract love :)

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Mary Lou

I have a horrible spot as my bedroom. Due to my elderly bedridden brother and shortage of bedrooms, I had to create a bedroom for him out of my family room, cutting off a great portion of that room by using my two BIG book cases as the fourth wall in his room to give him privacy and then for myself I converted my open dining room into my bedroom which leaves me with two solid walls (north and east) which have windows and western wall which opens into the kitchen which I close off with curtains and my south wall which is two large room dividers with a two opening from the top of the divider to the ceiling which is the wall my open headboard is on ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ yeah, I sleep HORRIBLY!!! Why the dining room as my bedroom? So I can hear my brother when he calls at night and so I could have quicker access to him. He has uncontrollable seizures and strokes...any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated ❤❤❤

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@Mary Lou: Have you thought about putting a monitor in your brother's room? It can be set up for not only audio but also visual. They are security cameras that are wireless. Some call them baby monitors, others security cameras.

Our family had something similar for my father who was a stroke patient and also bedridden. Worked like a charm and my mother could sleep in her own bed, yet be readily at my father's side less than 30 seconds. She also had a direct contact to the hospital for emergency if necessary.

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