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Loved this you showed us some beautiful trees, flowers! Awesome!

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Wendy Gu

tree in containet

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Idea for plants that have outgrown their pots and space: consider donating the plant to a local church if it is hardy in your area. Unfortunately a lot of churches these days cannot afford to upgrade their landscaping, and would love to add a pretty Japanese maple to their grounds.

Also, make sure your pot can handle winter temps if is to stay on a deck or patio, and that they will insulate the roots from freezing. Clay pots generally can't handle freezing temps, while those thick foam pots can take care of both concerns. Their exteriors may need some touch-up paint every few years, but that is more cost effective than replacing an entire pot.

Take care with the shape of the pot. Taller and narrow-base pots tend to blow over easily in windy conditions. Wide and straight-sided pots are best. Pot feet will keep wooden decks from rotting out underneath.

Finally, don't place a pot too close to your home. Ants like to colonize in them, and may migrate to your (apparently tasty) wooden window and door frames. Keep ' at least five feet away.


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