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melissa fitzgerald

those huge baths are so uncomfortable. I tried to have a soak in one in a Four Seasons bathroom once and nearly drowned! They are too big to prop your feet against the end, and when you lie back you slip down and under the water. They're very beautiful but defo form over function in my book

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We’ve just had a lot of work done on our house but I couldn’t get the living room layout sorted in my head before it was decorated (awkward shape) so despite considering a lamp circuit we didn’t do it, however these plug in sockets with remote control look like a good second option and I had no idea they existed so thank you!
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Janelle Wallace
We also struggled to find a lighting consultant and ended up with a very young lass from a lighting store. I felt the plan was overkill with downlights and that we missed an opportunity to make a beautiful space stunning.

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