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Love this alot, way to go it"s awesome!

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ital mover

My 91 year old mother lives full-time in an RV that has dimensions exactly like this one. While she has not gussied up the interior with this much modern style, it is pleasantly decorated, airy and neat as a pin. She is an excellent carpenter and thus created her own built-in bedroom cabinets very similar to what is shown here. Although it has been a couple of decades since my mother took her RV on the road, she has never been tempted to sell it and move into a condo. She likes not sharing walls with neighbors (or hearing them walk overhead). She has an outdoor patio but no lawn to mow. She has a pleasant meadow view frequented by wildlife and there is no crime in her neighborhood, which is a members-only RV park, with restricted access. Fortunately she is still able to climb up and down the few stairs needed to get in and out of the RV, and is overall blessed with good health. So this kind of set up can be a great "downsizing" option for retirees with modest incomes. My mother pays very little to lease the underlying land and access utilities.

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I was just thinking my husband, who is a truck driver should live like this (if I should pass before he does)

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