See Inside a Designer’s Light-filled Victorian Home

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See Inside a Designer’s Light-filled Victorian Home

In this episode of Houzz TV Live, interior designer Mel Massey takes viewers through several renovated spaces in her London home. In the living room, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors bring in natural light and views of the garden. An exposed brick wall adds texture and a backdrop for a suspended steel fireplace.

Mel converted the loft into a hangout space for her teenage sons and a home office for herself. The wetroom features a reclaimed stone tile floor that contrasts with an overall industrial style, while steel-framed, floor-to-ceiling windows combine frosted glass panels on the bottom half for privacy and transparent panels on top that offer sweeping views.

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Lovely interview! Good tips for working with this unique home. Creative ideas - especially the wet bar piece and bathroom - enticing for sure.

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Loved her designs elements, accompanied with her story telling fashion. The story and experience is just as rich a the final product. . Its cozy, quirky , love the light, privacy, & the thought put into each unique space- brilliant! thanks

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Mel is wonderful! More Mel,!

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I really enjoyed this interview and sneak peek at Mel's new spaces in her gorgeous London home. I particularly liked the Belgian dresser adaptation in the loft room.. Such a beautiful piece of furniture and the naughty step downstairs 😊. Overall I found it ALL very pleasing to my eye, the brick wall, the natural colour scheme and the large windows.... Very inspiring. Tastefully designed rooms. And a happy interview! Thankyou! 👍😁

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What a lovely home... as I'm guessing the rest of it is as imaginative, interesting and charming as what we see here. I love Mel's use of different textures... I used a bespoke hazel fence panel in my living room to do the same...

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Some great touches and quirky ideas. Love the greenhouse heaters in the shower-room as there's nothing worse than a cold bathroom. Just one thing, though: the so-called "tip" about brushing over the mortar joints in the brick wall downstairs. It appears that they might have used a sharp sand in the mortar mix which is great, but if you point using a lime mortar, you not only use - at least partially - a sharp sand to get that nice (rougher) texture, but you always brush the joints off whilst the mortar is still workable, so it's nothing new and hardly some unique "tip" as it is made to sound. It would be nice if they have used a lime mortar, but judging by the dark grey colour, they haven't. Good idea to use an external render in the shower-room, though. Love the different heights of ceiling and wonder whether they took the opportunity to use all sorts of LED strip lighting (hidden) to play on those boxy layers when there's less daylight around. If not, it was a missed opportunity. Love the "bar" and clever re-use of that piece of furniture.