POLL: How do we feel about brass?

Emily H
25 April, 2014
Let's hear it. You love it? You hate it? You want it all over your house or you just moved to get away from it?

VOTE and tell us about it in the comments!

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No thanks - I'll pass.

Comments (186)

  • chookchook2

    I would pack most away, and only bring out a few at a time, circulate them, so you don't get bored, Shreedevi.

  • havingfun

    i really have a lot of brass lamps, love them.

  • chookchook2

    Havingfun, are you sure they are all really lamps?

  • januarisun

    I didn't vote because I wouldn't pass on it, nor do I want all of it. I like a little hear and there, but I wouldn't want to redo my entire home with brushed brass knobs, hinges, etc. Right now it's trendy and I appreciate it, but I don't think I'll love it forever. My go-to has always been something in silver.

  • havingfun

    oh chook, allergic to that!

    I really only have the brass lamps, they are cheap, they shine nicely they do not need lots of cleaning up here. win win.

  • chookchook2

    It gives me a headache too, lol!

  • havingfun

    me too, so happy when i graduated from high school.

  • Shreedevi Nair-Pal

    I've given up polishing the brass frequently and have started giving them a thin coat of lacquer, after cleaning them! Hope this lasts.

  • ArtWench .
    I love antique brass; but, I detest bright brass!
  • mzloolue

    Leave the bright brass outside for a while and it will look like bronze.

  • PRO
    Cabinets & Designs

    Definitely makes a space unique.

  • ocddiyer

    Brass is truly terrible and designers need to realize this is a bad idea. Bronze is a better metal that ages with grace and won't bend; companies are trying to offer something inferior but charging huge margin for it. I personally can't stand the look.

  • eightpondfarm

    i generally like anything REAL! solid brass...gorgeous! electro plated thin shiny .... horrible! you can tell when you see a nice solid thick brass fixture ... with that warm patina... that this home is loved. i've recently picked up some wonderful old fixtures that are so tarnished you can hardly tell they are brass....but they're thick and really heavy :-) i've taken them to be rewired and will clean up the surface and VOILA! lovely old overhead lights for our living room. so you folks just keep on hating that brass and sell your grandma's stuff and i'll buy it!!! cause i LOVE IT!

  • chookchook2

    Gold colour is back in fashion, that's what colour brass is.

  • PRO
    Nostalgic Warehouse

    It's coming back in style – especially the Unlacquered Brass. Before lacquers, people either polished their brass hardware to keep it shiny (like they still do in Europe), or let it gather a rich patina - both very beautiful ways to go.

  • PRO
    SoCal Contractor

    Not usually preferred, but I have installed beautiful brass fixtures along with other finishes. Not necessarily my favorite in the photo above.

  • eightpondfarm

    i'm a horse-person, and brass kinda goes-with the territory. some of my tack has nickel furnishings, but whenever possible, i select brass. i also have a pretty collection of horse brasses. and for our flock of sheep and a few of our cows i have wonderful solid brass bells. the sheep....when they come in and go out to pasture enmasse, with each bellwearer having a unique bell...the sound is magical. this is Caledonia sporting her brass bell:

  • havingfun

    8 pond, please tell me that is a cow, cause it sure looks like one to me? Awful cute fuzzy ain't she?

  • eightpondfarm

    yes, a cow. we keep a Scottish Highland fold of appx 20, three of which are belled. here's Caledonia again :)

  • eightpondfarm

    some calves and one of our other cows

  • havingfun

    Wish i were better, I would come farm sit for free. Apparently i have a knack for it. used to go to an old house on a farm, though mainly they took in freebies and bought babies to sell when they grew. all foods were to feed them. They had a few horses, a bunch of chickens pigs, sheep, cows, anyway, she used to go off and leave my son and i in charge. There were times i thought maybe we should get to go for free. But it was fun. we collected eggs and petted the cows and horses. one time i had to give meds to someone, wasn't sure about that. Hated what the man did to foxes.

  • monika2024

    I'm starting to like it. BUT not the shiny crap from back then. I like the matte look. What i really can't stand is anything brushed- especially nickel. I do love chrome as well.

  • Margaret Woda

    In my new home I'm pulling brass accessories out of boxes and mixing them with other finishes in the same room. I actually like this look a lot more than I expected.

  • PRO
    Wilson Lighting

    Brass everywhere can be a little much, but for mixing metals it can be really beautiful!

  • Paula Lewis

    Anything everywhere can be a bit much!

  • havingfun

    I like stew pot decorating, I never go for 100% anything, well except original art, 100% anytime, anywhere, all the time.

  • pcerna

    I love gold, copper, bronze, and brass...not much of a silver fan. Silver seems so sterile and has no personality. We built our house in 2000 and I love my shiny brass door knobs. We are selling our home and my realtor is having me change the storm door and front door knobs to black. I have sent him links to many articles stating brass is back. Let's see how my house sells. All of that said, I am putting long silver handles on my contemporary flat front cabinets in my new house. But my cabinets are natural maple so they will still look warm.

  • PRO
    KIND Interiors & Exteriors

    What's not to love with brass? Used properly in interior design, (the colour of) brass gives the impression of opulence and quality. Even better when it has patina.

  • SewingLadyDi

    Just not the cheap shiny stuff.

  • PRO
    KIND Interiors & Exteriors

    Yes, it all depends on taste, having a good eye etc. Good quality / well designed pieces of brass furniture does not necessarily have to cost the earth.

  • havingfun 2

    pcerna, did you forget that wonderful silverware silver that yellows with age? purely delightful though difficult to obtain.

  • Vicki Raimer-Grassman
    My mom is looking for the manufacturer that made this faucet. Anyone know where it was made?
  • Beth Browne

    Our major remodel will include Delta's champagne bronze which is a brushed finish. I love it, but am mixing it with some oil rubbed bronze too.

  • Christine Balderas
    The 5 star hotel in town has all brass fixtures. Beautiful. Brass is coming back in.
  • PRO
    Laurie McDowell Interior Design

    I really believe in a lot of applications going forward for a while that old brass will be a rich and refreshing experience.

  • Nancy Beaman

    Brass for centuries has been used not only for it's inherent beauty, but for it's antimicrobial properties. The surfaces of copper and its alloys, such as brass and bronze, are antimicrobial. They have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly – often within two hours or less – and with a high degree of efficiency. So if you don't want those Strep and Staph germs harboring on your door knobs and light switches, it may be time to make a switch.

  • PRO
    Let's Remodel

    I can't get enough brass in my life. Brass and copper all day every day. It livens up a kitchen and is TOO BEAUTIFUL. Its also good for homes because it is antimicrobial.

  • creatureofchaos

    Let me put it this way: I'd be a lot richer if I didn't have to buy replica brass hardware to replace all the chrome hinges, handles, whatnots a couple of trend-happy renovators used to "update" my 1890s Victorian.

  • PRO
    The Joshua Tree Vanities

    not our cup of tea

  • southernpointofview

    Real brass - YES! Especially unlacquered brass!

  • PRO
    Jared Lewis Construction Inc.

    We recently completed a bathroom remodel that has fixtures made by California faucets that are a weathered brass finish. While not my personal style it did turn out looking quite nice

    In The Details - In Scotts Valley · More Info

  • Sarah Selph

    I wouldn't do "permanent" things - like faucets...but for simple things that you could easily swap out, I'm into it!

  • PRO
    Raegan Ford Interior Design

    I like a few things brass - but not everything!

  • mzloolue

    Raegan Ford, do you like everything made of any substance?

    Truthfully, I would not like a brass sofa or brass carpet. :)

  • 001918

    Going with unlacquered brass interior door hardware thru-out.

  • PRO
    Gerety Building and Restoration

    I think it can be a little difficult to incorporate to most designs, but when done properly, it's beautiful!

  • Susan Henry

    Most elegant homes have brass. Especially historical homes.

  • PRO
    Detail Woodworks

    Design is like art. Subjective for each homeowner! If you love it then you should do it, no matter who says what!

  • Marsha Elizabeth

    My old 1930s house is laden with original brass hardware, all quite dirty or painted over. I've been slowly cleaning it and WOW do I love it. The patina is so beautiful. Here is a before and after of a kitchen hutch with newly polished brasses and a fresh coat of chalk paint.

    And the door hardware is also really special. Here's a collection of door parts about to be cleaned. Feels like a labour of love...

  • PRO
    Raegan Ford Interior Design

    Love it! It's so in!

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