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Fresh Emulsion now blistering! Argh! Help

Tani H-S
4 months ago

Hey guys, another bubbling issue on different walls but this time from emulsion paint which is blistering as it dries? Leaving paint craters 🙄 urgh.
It was a chalk paint type of paint on the walls already and I lightly sanded it, cleaned it then applied peel stop as it was sucking in the emulsion on a test area. I left that to dry and the next day applied emulsion but lots of areas blistered so I left it overnight and just removed the blisters and have tried another coat but it's doing the same thing again!
like small pimples. Ie the burst and show the original paint colour under.
I'm sure peel stop is designed to paint over as that's the point of it but it seems to have made it all worse!
I'm at a loss.
Thank you

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  • PRO
    4 months ago

    This happened to me when I put a different make over a chalky paint. Also, it's really important to let one coat dry really thoroughly before applying another, otherwise this can happen. I used peel stop over the top but you're saying it's done it after applying that? Sounds like a right pain. I went onto lots of specialist painters forums to discuss it. Could be a drying issue, a shrinkage issue or an incompatibility issue. Wish I could help.

  • Tani H-S
    Original Author
    4 months ago

    Hey, yeah I think they painted a chalky paint over an old eggshell perhaps so I put the peel stop over the whole wall.

    Now i only put one coat on as it didn't say it needed more (only if you miss patches).  So how many did you do?

    Not sure now whether to lightly sand the bubbles when it dries (I did leave 24 hrs plus before putting my first coat on) and add another coat of Zinsser peel stop. Then I've read people have used a primer on the wall before emulsion?? Lol.

    Just don't want to keep buying all these paints for it to keep happening 🙈

  • Tani H-S
    Original Author
    4 months ago

    Ps did you also use a primer before the emulsion after the peel stop? Anyone any suggestions on which one to use?

    I have to go back there today to crack on with it 😔

  • Tani H-S
    Original Author
    4 months ago

    Interestingly...... Just to update...

    I used a different paint on a bedroom which had been done in exactly the same paint. This was a dulux paint that had a fairly good coverage. 

    No bubbles or blistering!!! 😳

    I didn't even put the peel stop on either. 

    So I can surmise that the issue was the paint I was using or the peel stop that was reacting to it. Lol

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