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I've been looking at designing and furnishing the master bedroom recently. I was struggling with what to do with the room and decided to take advantage of an online design service which had a sale. It turned out pretty well.

The houzz forms always give great advice and ideas so I was hoping to get some advice, critique, alternative ideas or enhancements to the design I have.

The room is a part of a victorian tenement. It's west facing but has a large window so still fairly bright. The floors are original oiled pine wood, with white trim and F&B Inchyra blue walls. I'm really happy with those colours so not planning to change that.

The Inchyra blue definitely seems more green in the light of the my room. There's a small walk in wardrobe with window off the bedroom - interestingly it also has a door into the hall. I've been thinking of just placing a wardrobe in front of the bedroom opening and using the walk in for general storage (I could use more storage!) but open to suggestions.

I would say the rest of the house is decorated in a mid century style maybe with some industrial touches. It probably makes sense to keep the same overall style in the bedroom but I don't want all the rooms to be so similar that it feels cookie cutter.

Here are some photos just after painting. Excuse the mess :)

The design idea:

I think it is looking good overall! It feels like it might be missing something. I'm just not sure what. The space on the side close to the window seems a little empty I'm not sure if the black wardrobe is going to work against the natural wood units but maybe it will.

The overhead lamp I will have to switch for something else as I was planning to use the one shown in the mockup in the lounge.

There's a lot of grey in the colour scheme. I guess it makes sense to keep things light because the walls are so dark. Possibly overusing brass - it is in all the rooms I don't want a brass overload. I wonder if I could make use of the window area more - maybe a long ottoman or something.

I'm open to any suggestions and advice, even something completely different :)


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  • minnie101

    I really like the design, it just looks a bit bare without a throw and accessories (I'd also be careful of rug size, you need more at the end of the bed :) I've just added a couple more bits to make it look a little more finished, I think a faux fur throw would really add some texture. The wool throw with the lime trim should be laid flat btw with the fur just draped :)

    i prefer your idea of a bench under the window. I don't know if this will fit but it's the celine bench from west Elm (133cm). I'd also maybe swap the plant pot for a belly basket for more texture. I'm not as keen on the wall opposite the bed. Is there room for an industrial style mirror there? Maybe paint the radiator in the wall colour and then add a gallery wall mixing personal photos, art etc?

    personally I'd keep the walk in wardrobe unless the hall door is accessed from the long wall otherwise access/storage wont be as efficient plus you have tons of hanging space.

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  • M M

    Thanks minnie101! Yeah you could be right it is maybe just the lack of finishing details that make it seem like its missing something.

    Yeah that bench would fit nicely. The length of the window 'bay' 170cm and the window starts at 90cm high from the floor so a fair bit of space there. I'm guessing with the bench there's no need to have the chair in the corner?

    Good point about the rug!

    Thanks for the mock ups with the throws, they would look great! Is that a screen over the walk in wardrobe?

    The opposite wall is 3.5 meters long, the space after the radiator is about 2m I'd guess. Do you mean an industrial wall mirror?

    Thanks :)

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  • minnie101

    I think it is just the detail and that will add more texture, pattern etc. I would just have the bench rather than the chair. Sorry, that screen was the mirror, just added it there so you could see it within the room :)

    Or a slight change of look, you could go for an oversized rattan pendant instead. I can't photoshop but a Berber rug would look nice with this look and add a cushion and throw to the bench too.

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  • M M

    Thanks! I really like the rattan pendant, with the pot belly basket really makes everything look a bit more comfortable.

    Yeah a big industrial floor mirror in the wall corner would look great. Something like this?

    Some other "bench" options I found are:

    Not 100% sure on the colour - possibly too similar to the wall colour. The loveseat maybe isn't long enough to fill the space well, but with a plant and the guitar either side it might work. It would protrude a fair bit from the recess (about 30cm) but I think thats ok.

    The ottoman has some storage which could be nice. It's a weird one because I think it's very unlikely It'll see much sitting use.

  • minnie101

    I love the other light and it will look fantastic in your lounge but I think I actually prefer the rattan in your bedroom? I like the ottoman and seat, personally I would have another colour, something picked from the art but it's your room :) I must admit I have chairs/benches everywhere that are only occasionally sat on as I do like a chair! Did you want a storage option and I will see if I can find anything else? I've just seen your other post re curtains, I might be tempted by blinds but if you want curtains I'd probably take them to the edge of the walls to make the room feel wider.

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  • rinq

    A huge old map, drawing or blueprint would be great on the wall opposite the bed! Here's some fun suggestions ;)

    Watercolor World Map, 30"x45" · More Info

    "Plane Blueprint I" By Marco Fabiano, Framed Painting Print, Ready To Hang · More Info

    'Louisiana Heron' Canvas Art by John James Audubon · More Info

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  • M M


    reviving a bit of an old thread but I thought it would be nice to gove An update and show current progress! I’ve more or less followed the original design + the enhancements suggested on here. :)

    In terms of what’s left to do here’s not to much! Just art and some more finishing touches. Still not sure what to do with the wall opposite the bed.

    Thinking of what to hang on the ladder mirror. Not sure the rattan plant pot is working.

    open to any further suggestions for improvement. :)

    thanks again!

  • minnie101

    Thanks for posting an update :) It's looking great, are you pleased?

    For the mirror you could add Xmas decorations now (!) and then for the rest of the year you could peg favourite photos on there?

    i think I may have suggested art from Rockett st George for your living room before. I really like the Ross Muir rework of Tretchikoff art (although may not be your thing). They also have brass beetle wall hangings for the opposite wall but I quite like this eagle. Or I've spotted musical instruments before, you could "frame" these? Have you tried the bamboo to the left of the dressing area?

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  • minnie101

    Just thought I'd post this in case you like it. THe large fan is 150cm wide which you could use over the bed or the opposite wall (Oliver Bonas) hung as they've done here

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  • Jonathan

    I’m living it so far.
    If it were mine I would now be shopping for two oversized pictures with a white mount and a white frame. I would hang one over the bed and one opposite.
    I would move the plant- in my opinion it’s about tight behind the door.
    And I would paint the radiator with the wall paint to make it disappear.

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  • Sonia

    Beautiful room. Looks like another Minnie101 success!

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  • M M

    just getting back to this after the Christmas break!
    thanks for all the replies! I am very happy with how it’s turning out.
    painting the radiator the wall colour seems fairly popular lately. I’ve painted all mine white but could go back and repaint them. I think I’ve got some of the wall paint left. :)
    I took some of the advice and hung a large piece of art over the bed with a white frame.
    I’ve moved the plant to the other side of the drawers. It does look better there! I’ve added a new plant which wasn’t as tall as the old one so I put it on the old bedside table. I think it works well. went with your suggestion of the wicker baskets. :)

    I Just need to fill the opposite wall now. I like the suggestion of a gallery wall but I don’t want to over do it With too much art. Maybe black and white photography could be nice?
    That gold eagle is very cool! hanging some photos on the mirror is a great idea thanks! I will have to try find some nice hanging plant pots too. Then I think I just need some cushions on the bench? And maybe a few more things on the bedside table and I’m done! Possibly some new blinds or curtains but that can wait! Phew!

  • minnie101

    Ah cute dog. The plant looks much better there and love the art, it really lifts it. I tried painting your radiator but painted the dog :( and it didn't paint the radiator! I think black and white art or photos or a mix of both could look good. If you went for a mix of art and photos you could try Desenio, they have a number of abstract and line drawings which you might like. The room is great though and doesn't look unfinished so you could take the time to find things you really love.

    Most of my radiators are the same as yours and are painted. Maybe someone else knows how to do them properly but mine are only painted inside as far as the frame but given positions in rooms you wouldn't know unless you specifically looked. Yours is obviously on view from the door though and I don't know if spray painting the inside could work? Our bedroom radiators (no idea why) are at least double the depth of the others and they're really quite big so remain unpainted as I can't work out how to do them properly! I do agree with Jonathan though, would paint it if possible.

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  • M M

    Thanks again Minnie!

    yeah I couldn’t find any big pieces of art that were in budget and matched the colours so I thought I’d try DIY it! Turned out ok in the end :)

    that’s a god point I have no idea how you’d get the radiator inside ! I painted those ones white but it didn’t really matter much about the insides because they were already white. Spray paint is probably the right answer although might be too late now that the walls are done.

    ill checkout that site! I like your suggestions. :) oh the chair and table are nice too! I wonder where I could fit those?

    haha the dog refused to move so I just snapped the photo anyway. :)

  • minnie101

    Wow, that art looks amazing! I tried it once without any success 😂

    i didn't know if the chair would fit where I'd put it? You could always try it there with one of your dining chairs and see what you think? I'm not too sure on the spray paint either, wonder if one of of the radiator brushes would do it? Did you do anything more with the living room in the end? Just curious, as it's all looking really good!

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  • M M

    Ah ok, yeah a chair fits there fine! I think that will look good.

    haha yeah the painting was definitely harder than I thought it would be.

    I haven’t really done much to the lounge. I’ve been focusing on finishing this off.

    But I’m planning to paint the lounge windows white soon and paint the hall (although I haven’t picked a colour!)

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