The Shaker Kitchen Company

10 May, 2019

Interested in getting a kitchen from these guys - but the reviews are very mixed and out of date. Has anyone had a recent experience with them?

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  • Jonathan
    I have never used them so can’t personally comment- but it does seem that someone has recently left a very bitter (making her look crazy) review.
    It seems they gave her a delivery date for an appliance she phoned them repeatedly about it but the delivery date remained unchanged- my view is that they gave accurate details and the reviewer is mad as a box of frogs.
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  • cedrictaster

    Avoid! We used them, I wrote a bad review on here, and they have since removed their profile. Says it all!

  • HU-361818747

    Avoid them like the plague we had numerous problems with their customer service and kitchen they are a terrible company

  • cedrictaster

    Would not use again.

  • Home Bug

    Honestly the most shocking company I have ever dealt with. Our kitchen is months overdue and we can't use it. Have had to cancel family events and they have caused us eneormous amounts of stress. Terrible communication / don't answer phones or give out phone numbers / don't answer the question when you do eventually get an email reply. Design problems, missing parts, out of stock items, wrongly-sized cabinets. Just an aboslute joke. Avoid like the plague or you only have yourself to blame.

  • Home Bug

    Oh and they still owe me money, which they promised to refund and haven't, so they lack integrity too! Shameful company.

  • Nick Bonney

    We're still going through a very painful experience with them . The service is appalling and the new management, if anything, even worse than the old.I would personally avoid at all costs. If you go on the Trustpilot page, you'll see our experience is the norm rather than an exception unfortunately

  • Lana Martin

    Our kitchen arrived damaged and poorly painted. They still owe us money and are now not answering phone calls or emails.

    Don’t be fooled by the companies change of name, we have in writing that we would not be affected by this and then we have an email from the ‘directors’ that our contract was with the previous company, the shaker kitchen company and not the shaker kitchen workshop, it is still the same cowboys.

  • Nick Bonney

    Worth pointing out for the avoidance of doubt for anyone searching on here that The Shaker Workshop ( ) is essentially a re-brand of The Shaker Kitchen Co under 'new management' . We have had the same experience as Lana above that, whilst we were an active customer at the time of the sale, the new management are washing their hands of it. From what I can see this is an attempt to shake off the reviews of the kind listed here:- and re-launch under a new URL.

    These issues are not isolated. In desperation to try to finally get a bin after 6 months, we visited the showroom at the weekend to say we'd take a display model. The showroom staff opened the draw and said, sorry but someone else with the same issue had already beaten us to it! Its a complete shambles of a company ...

  • Home Bug

    Completely agree. We were also active customers during the corporate changes and things are as bad if not worse. Have washed their hands of the commitments made by the "previous management" and refused to honour the agreements made. Utterly disgraceful company and I wouldn't wish the experience I have had on my worst enemy! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • Nick Bonney

    Shaker have reported my review on Trustpilot so if you want all the gory details, settle in with a cup of coffee and read on....

    Apologies in advance for the long review but I feel it’s important that anyone considering choosing Shaker understands the full picture before deciding to place an order, particularly as the company routinely purges negative comments from its social media pages.

    Firstly, the positives. The product is good overall other than a few minor gripes about how secure the plinths are and the cupboard catches. The in store staff/ design team (Kimberley in St Albans) and the initial contact with the surveyor were all really positive and gave us hope that other reviews listed on here might be misplaced.

    However, the challenge comes in that you pay everything up front and, from the moment they have your cash, everything changes. Despite a very long wait for our kitchen to arrive (15 weeks), we were left with no appliances for over 10 days and items were delivered incorrectly. Unfortunately that was just the start...

    The installation team were brilliant but had been set a target to install the kitchen in a day but in reality it took them three full days. As a result other trades which were lined up to follow had to be postponed or re-arranged.

    The communication from Shaker was almost non existent and I have lost count of the hours chasing to follow up on missing items/ installation schedule etc. On more than one occasion trades (eg sink delivery, worktop templating) turned up with no advance warning whatsoever and it was just pure fluke that someone happened to be at home to receive them. Most days Shaker have their phones set to voicemail to screen calls with no ability to leave a message which makes them almost impossible to deal with on anything which requires ongoing dialogue.

    Once you start to deal with Shaker, you understand the root cause of this. They are NOT a kitchen company; they are a company which makes cabinets. Every other part of the process is outsourced (eg Athena do the worktops, 3M do the installation and even delivery has been outsourced). Appliances are sourced from third party vendors (either Applicance City or right down to the tap.

    The level of incompetence is, at times, utterly staggering. we ordered our kitchen in June but we still won't have it fitted for Christmas. In the latest twist they have turned up to deliver a replacement panel (the first one was incorrectly measured) but have turned up with a panel in the wrong colour. Like other customers on here we still have no bin.

    My advice if you are considering going with Shaker in spite of the reviews...

    - Settle in for the long haul and prepare to chase ENDLESSLY to get what you ordered
    - Order appliances yourself. There is no advantage ordering through them and quite often you’ll end up without . At least if you order you are in control and most of their listed appliances are available in 24hrs from
    - You need someone who can be at home at very short notice or even no notice at all. If you work from home or are a home maker or you have a builder who is undertaking a broader renovation for you this is probably just doable but if you all work full time I honestly have no idea how you would be able to cope with a Shaker installation

    The company has been restructured recently with Shaker Workshop taking on the trading interests of Shaker Kitchen Co. Somewhat naively we had hoped this might lead to a shift in culture but if anything this has made things even worse. The new management team are washing their hands of any orders placed before they bought the company and the old owner has cashed out and does not enter into any correspondence. We have items which were incorrectly ordered and damage caused to a brand new extension by the installation which any reputable business would be offering compensation for . Shaker are just washing their hands of it.
    I genuinely feel for the design teams that work in store as they are trying to do the right thing by their customers but they are let down by a company culture that seems to place scant regard for its customers and the experience they endure. Unfortunately, the new management team appear to be as unresponsive as the last.

    If you are a developer and can have people on site 24/7 this might be the company for you but otherwise I would advise you to go in with your eyes very much open before placing an order…I'm afraid to say my advice would be avoid at all costs unless you're prepared to endure months of stress to get what you want.

  • Nick Bonney

    To anyone reading this , it says all you need to know that the company has refused to reply to calls or e-mails today but finds the time instead to post this. I'm afraid this just isn't true. Same people, same shops (except Fulham) same service. Shaker Workshop took over the trading assets of Shaker Kitchen Company on 24th October. I have just been through my inbox and counted forty three e-mails since that date trying to get the new owners to a) supply items paid for but not delivered b) supply items incorrectly measured c) rectify units incorrectly fitted. Shaker Workshop Ltd were here just this week again - please don't be fooled into believing this company has changed its outlook towards its customers under a new name or new management unfortunately.... you can read all you need to on reviews dated October 19 onwards (When the transaction took place) on this page ( )

  • Angelica Sweetheart

    I had a similar experience with a different company and I found trading standards very helpful and they resolved the case for me. I would suggest you lay your case out to them and they will handle it for you.

  • PRO
    The Shaker Workshop Limited

    From your posting, we understand that your comments, dispute or claim relate to The Shaker Kitchen Company Ltd. This is a different company to The Shaker Workshop Ltd. To clarify further: in October 2019 The Shaker Workshop did acquire some of the trading assets of The Shaker Kitchen Company including four of their showrooms. Furthermore, we took on some of their staff. However, we did not take on responsibility for disputes, claims for compensation or refunds relating to that company and so, unfortunately, we are unable to assist you in this matter.

    As a new business, we cannot unfortunately spend time responding to emails that do not relate to us - your continuous 'SPAMMING' of our profile is we understand due to your disappointment at not receiving either correspondence or 'compensation' that you have requested from another company. Posting 1 star reviews for a different company on our review platforms does not assist with either your complaint or give a fair a reasonable opinion of our business or our policies. We would kindly ask you to desist.
    Many thanks

  • Angelica Sweetheart

    What I found was that when speaking with trading standards, they dealt with my situation in a very unbiased fair way in accordance with the law. So they are quite used to dealing with fed up angry customers who are desperately needing solutions and they are also used to dealing with companies who try to prove their innocence. Either way, and whoever is right or wrong, trading standards can help.

  • Home Bug

    The Shaker Workshop are dealing with orders placed with the Shaker Kitchen and everything is still shocking. It's a different name, yes, and they may even say it is a different business. But it is the same people, same product, same terrible service, and same disgruntled customers. Just because you claim to be a different business, it is the same old shambles. No-one replies to emails, nothing is done to a high standard, products are still out of stock, we are still waiting for our kitchens, and everyone is still miserable. THAT is why you are getting one star reviews. Wake up and smell the coffee or you are going bust very quickly!

  • Home Bug

    And to keep reporting and deleting reviews is embarrassing. No-one who is providing a good service needs to report 99% of reviews. To think that people don't see straight through it is ridiculous. If you used the time you waste on various social media platforms to respond to customers' emails and deliver the kitchen they have paid for you'd be in a much better position!

  • cedrictaster


    The reason your company went under is because you completely failed to provide a basic level of customer service, not because of gold digging vultures.

    I have email trails to your company spanning weeks with our constant chasing with no results. Based on our frustration we took to social media. You then proceeded to delete any negative comments there and block customers which was a red flag to a bull.

    I ran a successful small business and at the very core this is customer satisfaction. What is very evident is you put profits before customers.

    I am very happy to post good reviews as I know how powerful they are but equally, when you are completely neglected by a company, I feel others deserve to know. I gave your company a chance, you had many opportunities to put things right, you made very little if no effort to rectify any issues. You reap what you sow.

  • Home Bug

    Thanks, Tim.

    That's great and everything but the reason people are writing bad reviews is because the service is appalling and has been both from The Shaker Kitchen Company and continues to be from The Shaker Workshop. In doing a house project, you deal with a number of suppliers and there are some really great ones out there. I have written some glowing reviews on some sites. The fact of the matter is, the product you committed to provide is months overdue, was poorly designed, items were out of stock, you / they don't communicate, there have been mutiple visits to my house when you never finish the job, have damaged parts of my house, no-one takes responsibility, everything is outsourced so is disconnected, and getting to speak to anyone who can sort anything out is nigh on impossible. The stress of dealing with all this is the last thing anyone needs when they have a life to live. It is ENTIRELY BESIDE the fact you committed to pay compensation for overdue delivery, which you have then shirked by liquidating the company and the new outfit have totally ignored.

    If you had delivered what you promised, which has the potential to be a reasonable product for the price, then I (and probably most other people on here, if I may speak for them) would have been delighted. The simple fact is you didn't. And I wouldn't want anyone to go through the stress and utter frustration of the amount of my time you / The Shaker Workshop have wasted. The thousands of emails and the fact that any joy I might have got from a new kitchen has been totally and utterly drained from me. If you think people only review products for easy compensation and not because they are totally and utterly fed up and don't want others to experience the same as them, then you are quite frankly deluded.

    Hope that helps to clear things up.

  • N B

    You should only order a Shaker kitchen if you do not value your patience, self-respect, time and - most of all - hard-earned cash.

    It would be too boring to go into the litany of broken promises, missing items, unavailable items, damaged items, substandard items, amateur rectification, unpaid refunds and total lack of communication. On this last point, don’t be taken in by the shopping experience - the showroom staff are great but the back office is hopeless. It is impossible to get a meaningful response from them.

    Please note that things are no better under the new owners; they are very evasive and clearly have no respect for customers. On this page, you will see that the new owners are using weasel legal explanations to try to shrug off these reviews, which does not change the horrendous customer experience. (But, as they are being technical about their acquisition, let’s look at that too; I very much doubt they are servicing existing customers out of the goodness of their hearts. It is more likely that the revenue of the existing customers’ contracts is one of the assets that they bought, which means they have legal obligations to such customers.)

    There is also a review from Mr Grunfeld, who is apparently the founder of the Shaker Kitchen Company (whose assets were acquired by Shaker Workshop). He clearly does not respect the voice of his customer, which explains why the culture of the business that he has transferred to Shaker Workshop is so poor. Legislation such as the Consumer Rights Act 2015 was introduced to protect customers against the attitude of businesses such as Shaker (in both its guises).

    The business seems toxic so only deal with them if you want to be contaminated. It is an ugly experience.

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