Industrial Style – What Image Pops Up First?

28 September, 2018

The raw appeal of industrial style is now making its way into all kinds of homes in all manner of ways. As we create our own interpretations of this look – 'Industrial Bohemian', 'Warm Industrial', 'Rustic Industrial' for instance – the definition of what makes industrial style seems to have somewhat broadened!

My Houzz: International Meets Industrial in a Brooklyn Loft · More Info

We'd love to know, what image, be it a product or room scheme, springs (there's one!) to mind when you think of this look? Here's some inspiration – tell us in the Comments!

Comments (28)

  • E D

    A factory.


  • Ribena Drinker

    E D - Lol!

  • Beano
    I quite like the industrial look, couldn’t find what I was after so made my own unit :-)
  • Patrina
    E D what a breath of fresh air you are on here :-)
  • rachelmidlands
    Lunch atop a skyscraper (photo) always reminds me of the industrial look. But lets not forget the original inhabitants of the industrial past, besides the marvelous machines and raw materials used, the workers (including child labor) living in a time of poverty and chronic illnesses with little or no healthcare are what made the industrial revolution.
  • Emily
    They do say necessity is the mother of invention. And being reminded of the spirit of inventiveness is part of why I like the industrial style. Another reason is that it seems “honest” since technology wasn’t so advanced that you couldn’t see how it was made or how it worked, and the materials were more often natural.
  • PRO
    Couch Potato Company

    Definitely images from Fritz Hansen. They have a great art direction team and tend to opt for Industrial styled interiors for their photo shoots. Because a lot of their furniture features very curved, organic designs, I think the contrasting backdrops look great. Their styling has certainly inspired my own choices when I was choosing pieces for my flat in a 1900s warehouse conversion. Have a look at these fantastic images:

    Arne Jacobsen Oksen Chair and Ottoman

    Jaime Hayon Fri Chair | Kaiser Idell 6556-F Floor Lamp

    Jaime Hayon Favn Sofa | Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair |Kaiser Idell 6556-F Floor Lamp

    Jaime Hayon Fri Chair | Little Friend Side Table | Kaiser Idell 6556-T Table Lamp

    Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair in Monochrome Trieste Blue | Super Elliptical Dining Table | Jaime Hayon Fri Chair

  • E D

    Patrina, Thank you! You made me blush a little... :)

    Actually, I've always quite liked elements of the industrial look.

    We've had some in our homes since the '80s.

    A couple of lamps we bought then still take pride of place and, in my view, their look hasn't really dated.

    I am not generally a big fan of a themed interior though. It can look a tad contrived and staged.

  • PRO

    I remember going into converted factory apartments in Manchester in the 1990s and being amazed by the exposed girders, brick walls and huge doors, the materials seemed to suit the scale of the space. Never heard of 'Rustic Industrial' though, not sure how that works!

  • Bry R

    Oversized factory pendants with slightly rusted bulb grills. Concrete with aggregates. Exposed pipework. Seeing the bones of the building. Sunlight streaming in through large Crittal windows. Scratched stainless steel work surfaces. Meat hooks. Thick glossy paint. Sturdy cast iron radiators. Repurposed scaffolding planks. Grey metal toggle light switch boxes. Brickwork. Everything worn from repeated use.

  • PRO
    bubbles bathrooms and tiles

    Exposed plumbing, concrete, copper. We love the industrial look and how effective unfinished walls, floor and not hiding the pipework can look.

  • PRO
    The Homeworks
    Exposed brickwork, leather furniture, metal accessories and oversized lighting!
  • soozmacrae

    very masculine, lack of fluff!. I love the steampunk look in bathrooms though!

  • PRO
    Matthews Architectural Practice

    I really like the Lingotto Factory in Turin.

  • Carrol Jordaan-Heffernan
    the pipes are disturbing. it looks incomplete.
  • PRO
    Silk and Stone Interior Design
    I like the pipes in this room - very much in keeping with the metal windows frames.
  • PRO
    Chris Goodchild

    Industrial usually makes me think of the New York warehouse apartments you see in films.

    I like furniture made with iron gas barrel and rough textured timber, angle iron or cast iron frames.

    I had a chair made from a large iron handwheel on a thread for height adjustment, unfortunately a friend talked me out of it and now I am looking for the bits to make another. I also like mezzanine beds made from steel or aluminium scaffolding, I have made two in the past and would love an opportunity to make .

  • rinq

    When we gutted our home, removed the stinky plaster and softboard ceilings, it looked "industrial" to some. For us it was "unfinished".

    Now it's a whole style and can be pretty amazing when done right in the right home (which means hardly any home). I do like small industrial features though, but not in my tiny 1950s terraced home.

  • joehursey

    We used this company www.modularscreens.co.uk for a vintage industrial steel Crittall style door, there really beautiful and reasonably priced :)

    Vintage Industrial glazed steel doors · More Info

  • normairedale
    I can't get past the ugliness of Industrial. It reminds me of my '50's childhood home. We were fortunate enough to have a bathroom but the stone floor , exposed bathtub and pipes , hard toilet paper and carbolic soap are hard to forget. Sorry my aesthetic responses are so affected by childhood trauma.
  • R Hughes
    For me its a very busy space and doesn’t look very comfortable but then its not a design look I particularly like! Sorry.
  • PRO
    Brandler London

    We have carried out a number of projects in converted warehouses, including one for Tom Daly. What I really like is the way that biophilia (the love of nature) is being brought into these designs incorporating thought for the environment and sustainability. The use of reclaimed materials, such as our reclaimed barn wood, works well and often gives dramatic aesthetics!

    Penthouse Kitchen in Southwark Warehouse Conversion · More Info

    Open Plan Kitchen in Warehouse Conversion · More Info

    Tom Daley's Bespoke Wardrobes · More Info

  • PRO
    Chris Goodchild

    @ Brandler London, fantastic work, very well done, I love working with reclaimed materials , something that's good for the environment and produces a finish that is difficult to achieve any other way. The aging process along with years of wear and patina is quite special to me and involves a different way of thinking to use such materials well.

  • PRO
    Brandler London

    @ Chris Goodchild - Thanks for the comments Chris... we find the barns that have the deep texture and richness of colour that we are looking for in Europe. Once we have found what we are looking for we then carefully dismantle the barn and ship the materials back to our stores in the UK.

    It is a labour of love and we really enjoy what we are doing and finding new ways in which to use the material. Funny to think that in the recent past these old buildings would have been demolished and the materials burned to make way for some brick monstrosity! :-)

  • PRO
    Feature Radiators

    I think of our Yorkshire mills when I hear "industrial" so for me it's bare metal against stone/brick walls.

    Radiators in industrial spaces · More Info

    Or for a more modern "industrial" vibe I think copper and concrete

    Radiators in industrial spaces · More Info

  • PRO
    Hampstead Design Hub

    Hi there! When we designed our studio we thought about cosy industrial. This images came to my mind

    Hampstead Design Hub · More Info

  • Rosie B


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