My Before and After picture for my garden

29 November, 2014
last modified: 8 March, 2017

My back garden, small terraced house

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  • gilliifer
    I love both gardens. Its really nice to be original and different though. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if everyone was the same
  • tonyakyn
    An amazing transformation, great job!
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  • Mama
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  • stevebrown1939
    I have to say, each to their own. Not everyone wants to make their gardens into a nature habitat. I tried to make mine bird friendly and all I got was pigeon poop which is hazardous to our children. It's easy to criticise but I would ask why it seems some nature lovers would gladly put wildlife before people. This is clearly a garden designed for people to enjoy.
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  • stevebrown1939
    ....and I like it a lot!
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  • Rebecca Hall
    it's gorgeous! can you come and do my garden?
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  • Karin Madgwick
    How inspirational! Thank you for sharing your special place.
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  • Cati

    While I appreciate the effort and investment put into it, it feels like a museum of sorts, I wouldn't dare to step on those carefully displayed pebbles or touch the white walls for fear to not smudge them. I'm not sure how to use such a garden, maybe the part with the sofa is the only usable part and the rest is for contemplating ? I agree that the garden should not be a "jungle" unless you are ready to take up the work, but this example seems to be at the other end of the possibilities, a little bit too sterile for me. Anyway, this is huge jump from actually not having a garden at all and having a sophisticated design now. And it looks bigger too in spite of all the artsy decorations, so congrats for pulling through such a project, I'm sure it wasn't simple.

  • PRO
    Surrey Home Interiors

    Wow! You should be really proud of yourself. It's an incredible makeover.

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  • ghesp

    I don't know what all the fuss is about. A garden is an extension of your house, nobody says it has to be for nature. Your house, your garden.

    Love the garden as I love the rendered white and modern wood. Personally I'd have lost the ying yang statue and grassed what you have as gravel, but it it's the perfect chill out space.

    Not sure how you managed to get planning permission for the canopy at the end though!

  • PRO
    Surrey Home Interiors

    Referring to Vicky's comment: Perhaps it would have been more constructive to suggest that an area 'zoned' for wildlife would be a great idea for the next project. Much more likely to convince them that it would be a good idea, rather than provoke.

  • PRO
    Lloyd's Gardens of London Ltd

    Such a transformation!

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  • wayney73
    Great- job , however change the night light,s. Great -job
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  • wayney73
    Will only look-better
  • Karen M

    wow amazing! Do i asume that all that is possible without planning permission? It almost looks like a build! It has given me some great ideas ;)

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  • PRO
    My Country Garden Design Solutions

    fantastic job - great vision and superb execution!

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  • S L

    wow stunning transformation!

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  • Cakelady
    Absolutely love your garden, what an amazing transformation.
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  • Sherbert Barnes
    If only I could have such a vision!!! Really is stunning - may the sun always shine for you so that you can spend as much time out there as possible!! Love it xx
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  • PRO
    Ayegardening Ltd

    Incredible! I love this before and after contrast! I love taking before and after pics of our projects - this one has to be one of the best I have ever seen. :-D

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  • Sue Kelly
    Absolutely brilliant and inspirational
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  • Karen Cowell

    The best garden transformation I have ever seen - so much thinking outside the box!

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  • Kathy O'Connor

    Absolutely stunning- so creative! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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  • Caroline Guest

    Please please can u tell me how to do ur planters who would i need to get in I have an idea for my garden and it is quite similar to urs I think it is amazing tho so artistic well done

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  • Sue Kelly
    What did you use for your planters is it bricks plastered and painted want to do something similar in our garden thanks in advance
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  • masmccar76

    planters were made with brick and plastered. Definitely do research on the colour you use to paint them

  • Tani H-S
    Stunning transformation! Wow. I would love a space like that
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  • angelauk

    Stunning! As for the "lady" who was so combative in her tone, perhaps she needs to learn manners and diplomacy? I too love a garden that attracts wild life but I would never criticise others, especially in such a tone, for the choices they make in their own garden. However, if I were to do so,I would say that overgrown gardens are most unattractive!

    If I had the space, and the money of course, I would love a garden like this, it is truly a dream space and you should be very proud of it, absolutely the best outside space transformation I have ever seen..

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  • Kathleen Raymond
    Love the design and plant choices. You must be so pleased.
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  • masmccar76

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments

  • Geri63 amazing transformation.
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  • Coco Nuts

    I'm a keen gardener and have a very large garden and thankfully I have the time to look after it. I like order in my garden and although I love some of the beautiful shrubs in the "other" garden it's all a bit chaotic for my liking and the Dublin garden for me would be nice as just part of my own scheme. Order and design in the garden adds to what nature provides so beautifully. I lie somewhere in the middle of the two very different styles. At the end of the day gardens are very personal, they should reflect your personality.

  • PRO
    Cityscape Gardener

    Hi guys, Kevin Dennis here of Cityscape Gardener and i designed this garden took these photos! if any of you are looking for a garden like this go to my website to see some of my other garden projects and you can contact me directly from there!

  • caitrionamulcahy

    love the garden - do you mind me asking what type of plants and shrubs you planted. I have just done a railway sleeper flowerbed against my back wall that gets lots of sun in the morning but nothing in the afternoon or evening . I am not sure what to put in that would work all year around. Any help welcomed?Thanks

  • cmacryan
    Shock!!! I wasn't expecting that when I scrolled through the pics!! What a fabulous transformation & a fantastic creation. Love I can well imagine you do too.
  • Davorka Banovic
    Kevin Dennis designed this garden...
  • PRO
    Hamish Smith

    Good for you! An amazing use of the space that links the interior and exterior in a seamless way ( well I am guessing your interior is equally as nice!)

  • Robert DeSouza
    it's nice. if you had a party not sure where everyone would sit or relax. Also where would the BBQ go...probably cost a lot of money but to me it's slightly OTT. if you can wanted to sell it not sure you would get the money back. especially to family buyers..
  • geetasoba
    That looks absolutley amazing
  • andreasmcc

    I think the transformation you have done is amazing and thanks for sharing it with us. When you share your inspirations in this way you must expect comments and feedback. I think Vicky Allerton's response is a fair one. I don't consider her tone 'self-righteous,' more someone who is passionate about sharing life with nature, after all you are sharing this world with their natural habitat and it's amazing to watch the wildlife at night doing what they do. Your garden is a major transformation and extremely artistic and imaginative but it's not for everyone and it is very fashionable at the moment. You retorted by calling her garden a jungle. We didn't get the full picture of her garden and it is in a more naturally, nurtured state. We should embrace different tastes as that's what makes this site informative, colourful and constructive (hopefully). Well done to you both.

  • Pauline cotton
    Absolutely gorgeous - love what you have done with the space and I should think it takes very little to maintain it which is important when you lead a busy life and would rather spend time with friends and family than hours of weeding and manicuring a high maintenance garden.
  • Tina Seal
    Why did you not tell us who designed this? It comes across as you doing all the work yourself and then 3/4 of the way down the comments, the designer pops up. You were asked several times about the designer and failed to answer. Poor form not to give credit where it is due, and disingenuous too
  • Pauline cotton
    It makes me cross that people think they have a right to make some quite negative comments on this post. Masmccar76 put these photos on because she thought people would like to see a genuinely lovely transformation of her garden. Instead there have been some downright nasty comments. By all means make comments but keep them constructive. Houzz is all about is sharing ideas, not about being nasty
  • lucynix25
    Amazing transformation looks fantastic
  • Rachel Oakes

    Wow! Very beautiful to look at, but I agree it's probably over developed for a terraced house. However if it's for the owners long term use, then I'm sure they'll get many years enjoyment. Seems a very relaxing space.

  • Dundrum 16
    I think it's wonderful. Obviously, it's size and location weren't going to lend themselves to herds of thundering wildebeests or the hanging gardens of Babylon! The owners have achieved a lovely usable outdoor room which I'm sure fits in well with their lifestyle. Great design combining practicality with a wow factor.
  • denise7125
    Our small space also transformed. I love your garden...great job
  • denise7125
    One final one from the bottom looking back. Love a good transformation!
  • pollybarrs

    Wow! What an amazing difference. Hope you enjoy relaxing in it now.

  • Robert DeSouza

    denise, looks great!

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